In complex event processes where there are numerous service instances (microservices) being used, if a route has to be created from an output port of one of the services to an input port of another service that lies far apart or beyond the scope of the window, it will be difficult to drag and create the route. In such scenarios, a replica of the service (from which the route starts) can be created and thereby connect conveniently after dragging the shortcut and placing it close to the input port of the service.

The Create Shortcut option in the Fiorano Orchestrator/Microservices context menu helps generate the replica of the respective microservice in an event process.

This option can be accessed by using the Context Menu by right-clicking any one of the below:

  • Microservice: Right-click the microservice from which the connection needs to be started and click the Create Shortcut option.

    Figure 1: Shortcut option in the context menu of the microservice

  • Orchestrator Editor: Right-click anywhere outside the microservice, select Insert > Shortcut.

    Figure 2: Shortcut option in the context menu of the Fiorano orchestrator

    Choose the microservice from the list of services (it lists all the microservices present in the event process) in the dialog box.

    Figure 3: List of microservices present in the event process


In the Mortgage Property Request Automation microservice present under the Mortgage folder in Samples, the microservices ExtractLoanRequestDetails and Update_LoanStatus lie far apart that it cannot be seen within the window unless scrolled through. See Figure 1 and Figure 2 below.

Figure 4: The ExtractLoanRequestDetails microservice from which the connection has to start

Figure 5: The Update_LoanStatus microservice to which the connection endpoint has to be made

To connect these microservices in a more convenient way with the help of a shortcut, perform the following actions:

  1. Right-click the ExtractLoanRequestDetails microservice and select the Create Shortcut option.

    Figure 6: Selecting the Create Shortcut option to create a shortcut

  2. Click and drag the shortcut that is created near to the Update_LoanStatus microservice.


    The shortcut can be identified by the shortcut symbol inside the newly created microservice.

    Figure 7: Moving the shortcut near to the microservice to which it has to be connected

  3. Drag from the ExtractLoanRequestDetails Output port to the Update_LoanStatus Input Port to create a route between them hence connecting the services.


    The ExtractLoanRequestDetails shortcut will just be a mirror image of the original microservice and hence it carries the configuration of the original one.

    Figure 8: Connecting the shortcut and the Update_LoanStatus microservice

Tracing the source of the Microservice Shortcut

At any time, to see the actual microservice out of which the shortcut is created, right-click the shortcut and select the Select Original Component option; the original microservice gets highlighted.

Figure 9: Connecting the Select Original Component option to find the original microservice 

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