The CompositeBC component is an EDBC component which enables you to execute more than one BC component programmatically.

The sample CompositeBC is configured for the HTTP and SMTP (both are BC) components to execute in a linear sequence. The message request on the input port of CompositeBC component is fed as input to the HTTP component. The output of HTTP component is provided as input to the SMTP component (with some modifications) and the output of the SMTP component is put on the response port of the CompositeBC. Similarly, one can modify the CompositeBC component to execute 'N' number of BC components.


The source code for this component is available with the installer.


HTTP Adapter Properties

HTTP Host Name/IP

Host name or the IP address of the system.

SMTP Adapter Properties

MailServer IP/Name

Specify the name of the mail server or the IP address.

Email Id

The EMail address to which mail has to be sent.

User Id

User ID for the Mail Server.


Password for the User ID.

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