This function is for normal routes (not with breakpoint) where the route gets stuck or does not get clean.

Deleting Single Route using Name

To clean up a route, perform the same sequence of steps mentioned in the Clearing Breakpoint section (Removing Routes and then Disconnecting Routes) with the changes below:

  • In eStudio, go to Connection Management > Server Connections, and use FPS-JMX in place of FES-JMX.
  • In Dashboard, go to fps > Connections and consider the connections in the Connection Type: PubSub (Publish-Subscribe) along with PTP.

Deleting Multiple Routes using Regex 

To clean up multiple routes, use the option to provide regular expressions to clean up all the routes falling under Regex by performing the actions below in eStudio:

  • In Connection Management > Server Connections, log on to FPS-JMX.
  • Go to Fiorano > Esb > Peer > Core > ProcessManager > EventProcessManager
  • Right-click EventProcessManager and select View Operations.
  • Select the option deleteRoutesUsingRegex(Regex)
  • Provide the Regex name and click the deleteRoutesUsingRegex(Regex) button.

This option cleans all routes that match the provided Regex names from the mq layer.


Employ caution when using this option to cleanup routes as this action cleans up even the active routes that may be used in the flow.


Consider the Simple Chat event process in the Clearing Breakpoint section. The route names are: SIMPLECHAT__1_0__chat2__route1 and SIMPLECHAT__1_0__chat2__route2. If there are no other routes starting with the name "SIMPLECHAT", then provide the following Regex to clean these two routes from the system:

Figure: Event ProcessManager dialog box


Java accepts (.*) for variable characters. Use similar options for multiple characters using JVM accepted regex variables.

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