Logging on to Server JMX

Changing the running server log levels can be done by logging into the server via JMX. To login, perform the following actions:

  1. Open Fiorano eStudio, then open Server Connections panel by navigating through Window > Open Perspective > Other > Connection Management.
  2. In the Server Connections panel, right-click <Server> JMX and select Login.

    Figure 1: Logging on to Server JMX 

    • Provide the login credentials if prompted for the same. Default user name and password are 'admin' and 'passwd' respectively.
    • <Server> is FES in this sample.

Changing Fiorano Logger property

Now change the Logger properties to change Server Log Levels. To do this, perform the following actions on the Server JMX:

  1. Navigate to JMX Connection > Fiorano > Loggers > Logger.

    Figure 2: Navigating to Logger node

  2. Expand the Logger node which shows multiple logger nodes under it.


    Logger nodes—Fiorano and Fiorano.Esb are required to meet the present requirement.

    Figure 3: Fiorano and Fiorano.Esb displayed among the Logger nodes

  3. Expand the Fiorano logger, select the config node and change the Fiorano logger log level, that is, the LogLevel property in the Properties panel on the right side.


    This changes the log level for the Fiorano logger.

    Figure 4: Changing LogLevel property for Fiorano logger

  4. Now perform the above actions (change LogLevel property) for the Fiorano.Esb logger too.
  5. Right-click the Server JMX node and click Save Configurations to save the changed configuration for the logger.

    Figure 5: Saving the configuration
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