Business Agreements define the contract between the host and the remote trading party to send or receive documents using a specific channel (protocol). They can be used to monitor and manage the interactions with partners and also define a time period for the interaction after which the agreement will become inactive. The time period can be modified as required, and the agreement can be terminated as needed by deactivating it from the tool.


Separate agreements need to be specified for sending and receiving the documents.


In the Figure 3, SendOrderByAS2ToPartner1 is the agreement which binds the Vendor1's PartnerAS2Channel with Host. The Start Date and End Date define the time period for which the agreement is valid. The Host Initiator/Sender checkbox determines whether the agreement is to send documents to partner or receive documents from the partner. The Is Active check box can be used to activate/deactivate an agreement as per business requirements.

Figure 1: Business Agreement Configuration

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