This Quick Start Guide is intended to assist you with the installation, setup and configuration of Fiorano B2B, which includes management of B2B transactions also. Before going through this guide, refer the Overview and Trading Parties section in Fiorano B2B page to have an overview about the concept of working and go through the whole page to have an overall understanding of the subject.

Supported Protocols

Standard trading protocols are used to draw up trading messages. The standard B2B protocols used for communication between Trading Parties are as below:

  • AS1
  • AS2
  • EBMS
  • FTP
  • Plain SOAP

Flow of Messages in Fiorano B2B

Sending Process (Remote Trading Process)

B2B Private Processes send messages to Core B2B Applications from where it is delivered to Host Partner conforming to all transport protocol details from the DB.

Receiving Process (Host Trading Process)

Core B2B Applications listen to messages coming from B2B Partners. Received messages are sent from core B2B Applications to B2B Private Processes.


Encryption and signing is supported in message transactions.

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