The ESB Dashboard allows you to assign rights to users and groups, rights may be understood as rules associated with the Fiorano Network granted to users and groups. Rules allow users and groups to perform specific tasks on a Fiorano Network. The Fiorano Platform has a well-defined security policy to protect your network against data loss or corruption due to malicious or accidental access. This policy is implemented by assigning the appropriate permissions to groups as well as their users.

When you select Global Permissions shown in the left panel, a list of all available permissions is displayed in the right panel.

Figure 1: Access Right Assignment

To set permission for any user and group, select a permission entry and click on View/Edit Allowed Principals to configure. The figure above illustrates the Permission to Create an ACL is restricted to Administrators. Other users and groups can be authorized to perform this operation by adding to the Assigned To list.

Figure 2: Permission to Create an ACL

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