An Event Process (EP) project can be developed to meet customized requirements.

To create a new Event Process Project, log on to eStudio and open one of the panels below:

  • Server Explorer panel in the Online Event Process Development perspective
    > Show View > Other > Fiorano > Server Explorer
  • Event Process Repository panel in the Offline Application Development perspective
    Window > Show View > Fiorano > Event Process Repository

Perform the actions below in any one of the panels:

  1. Right-click Event Process Repository, and then click Add Event Process.

    Figure 1: Adding an Event Process
  2. In the Customize Event Process dialog box, provide an appropriate name, choose the category (under which the Event Process falls) from the Category drop-down menu and click Finish.

    Figure 2: Editable attributes while adding an Event Process project
  • Names will appear in sequential order by default such as Event Process1, Event Process2, Event Process3 etc.
  • To create a new category under Event Process Repository, enter a new name in the Category drop-down field.

Refer the Composing an Event Process section for detailed steps.

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