If an information such as a warning, recommendation, or tip related to the event process or a service instance, which needs to be displayed as a note on Fiorano Orchestrator, this can be provided by inserting a text note.

To insert a text note,

  1. Right-click the Fiorano Orchestrator, go to the Insert option and click the Text Note option.

    Figure 1: Opening the Text Note dialog box by right-clicking the Fiorano Orchestrator

  2. Add a preferred name that represents the content in the TextNoteName text box and click OK.

    Figure 2: Naming the Text Note

  3. Double-click the text note and provide the note in the Text Note text editor and click OK.

    Figure 3: Entering information by double-clicking the note

  4. The note gets displayed on the Fiorano Orchestrator.


    This note can be moved (dragged) to any desired location within the event process.

    Figure 4: The event process displaying the note entered

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