Additional information or any particular remarks regarding the Event Process can be added to a document and attached to the Event Process for future reference purposes. This document can be later downloaded to view as well as edit its content. It can be used as a checklist file and a reference document to refer modification history. it will be helpful for a third person as well as the author to understand and keep track of the details of any event process after a period of time.


Multiple documents of different formats can be added to the event process.

To add a particular document, perform the following actions:

  1. Create the document to be saved with the required information and save it in a chosen location.
  2. Right-click the Event Process from the Server Explorer panel and click the Add/View Documents option.


    By default, a blank HTML file will be present in the dialog box.

  3. Click the Add Documents button and browse for the document that is saved.


    To edit the blank document seen in the dialog box, click Download, edit the file and re-add the document. Overwrite it upon prompting.

Options in the dialog box, which are intuitive in nature are tabulated below.

Add DocumentsTo add the document or documents with the relevant information from the location where it is saved.
DeleteTo remove the selected document from the Event Process.
Delete AllTo remove all documents attached to the event process.
DownloadTo download the selected document to a specific location.
Download AllTo download all documents attached to the event process to a specific location.
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