It is essential to verify the integrity of the downloaded installer file to ensure that the file downloaded is not corrupt. Fiorano provides pre-calculated hash values using SHA1 and MD5 Algorithms for each installer for verification.


Checking the integrity of the downloaded file needs to be carried out right after downloading the Installer and before invoking the installation procedure or before opening the Installation Wizard.

Checking the Integrity

Use the 'Fiorano Checksum Utility' or other command line programs like md5sum/sha1sum/md5/sha1 to check the integrity.

Fiorano Checksum Utility

Checksum is a digit representing the sum of the correct digits in a piece of stored or transmitted digital data, against which later comparisons can be made to detect errors in the data. Fiorano Checksum Utility, which utilizes this principle to check integrity of the downloaded file, is the simpler than the other.

Perform the steps below to use the utility:

  1. Download the Fiorano checksum utility.
  2. Open the text file present in the checksum zip file and provide the following details:
      1. installer.path: Absolute path of the Fiorano 11 installation.




      2. installer.extension: Extension name of the installer file specified as the value of ${installer.path} property.



        exe, gnu.tar.gz, linux.bin, solaris_intel.bin, solaris_sparc.bin, macosx-cocoa.tar.gz, solaris_sparc.tar.gz, solaris_intel.tar.gz 

      3. hash.algorithmSpecify the hash algorithm used to check the checksum.



        MD5, SHA1.

  3. Execute the ant command.

The command prompt displays the Integrity Check result for the downloaded installer file.


The Fiorano checksum utility uses Java 1.8 and ANT 1.10 versions.

Using Command line Programs

To check the integrity using command line programs, open the console and perform the actions below:

  1. Run any one of the following commands:
    1. md5sum/sha1sum
    2. md5/sha1
    For example, to check the file fsoa_***.exe using MD5, type the command below in the terminal:
    $ md5sum fsoa_***.exe
  2. After running this command, md5sum prints out the 128-bit hash value. Compare this string with the hash value provided at the product downloads link.
  3. If both values are identical, then the download is accurate.

Perform the above steps after executing the command below using 'sha1sum' to print out 160-bit hash value for fsoa_***.tar.gz file:

$ sha1sum fsoa_***.tar.gz


Corrupt Installer file

If the downloaded Installer file is corrupt, please download the installer again and repeat the steps as mentioned above.

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