Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is essential for the proper functioning of the Fiorano Platform. For operating systems and environments with high activity, follow the procedure below to setup the JRE.


Though JRE is sufficient for general use, a Java Development Kit (JDK) is  required to build custom Java components. JDK 1.8 (revision 60 or above) is recommended.

Choose the 32-bit version or the 64-bit version depending on the architecture of the machine on which the server is located.


A 32-bit JDK can be used with 64-bit architecture, while a 64-bit JVM is highly recommended in production environments where the servers require more memory.


  1. Download Java SE Development Kit from the Oracle JAVA SE Downloads section in the official Oracle website:
  2. Double-click the installer and follow the instructions in the Installer wizard.


Once the installation is complete, the changes below need to be executed in the Fiorano Environment to use the installed JDK.


  1. Open the fiorano_vars.bat(sh) file from FIORANO_HOME.
  2. Point the variable JAVA_HOME and JDK_HOME to the location where Java is installed.


  1. Open the file FIORANO_HOME/eStudio/eStudio.ini
  2. Specify the location of JAVA_HOME/bin after the line -vm

The settings present in the fiorano_vars.bat/sh file are used for servers and components as default settings. To use a separate JDK for components, change the JVM_PARAMS value present in Runtime Arguments tab under Properties.


32-bit or 64-bit eStudio launchers may be used depending on the JVM used in the system.

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