The License Manager Tool enables you to manage Fiorano Platform licenses. This tool can also be used to gather machine information and request for additional licenses.

Fiorano Licenses Overview

Fiorano Platform has been segregated into various modules. The product modules and the license files required to enable these modules are listed below. These License files can be managed using License Manager Tool.


License File

Fiorano Prebuilt Components(BCs and EDBCs)


Fiorano ESB Server


Fiorano MQ 9 Server
The license for FioranoMQ 9 Server offered with
Fiorano Platform is included in the Fiorano-9.lic file.


Fiorano Studio
Fiorano eStudio


Fiorano Tools
Fiorano Deployment Manager
Fiorano Event Manager
Fiorano Mapper
Fiorano Event Process Orchestrator


Tool Environment

In eStudio, open Tools View pane (Window > Open Perspective > Other > Fiorano Tools), right-click License Manager node and select Load to load license files.

Figure 1: License Manager Node, Tools View

After the licenses are loaded successfully, a Licenses View pane gets opened adjacent to the Tools View pane. All the license-related information can be viewed in the Licenses View upon selecting the respective License node. 


To explicitly open Licenses View, right-click the License Manager node and select View Licenses Info.

Figure 2: Licenses View

All the Licenses present in "FIORANO_HOME\ licenses" folder are shown as License nodes under the License Manager node in the Tools View. Each License node in-turn contains Servers, Adapters and Tools nodes. Each of these nodes, on selection, shows the Servers, Adapters or Tools respectively in the drop-down along with the license configuration details in the table below it.

To close the loaded license(s), right-click License Manager node and select Close.

License Configuration

To view License Configuration, select a License node under the License Manager node as explained in Tool Environment section above. The Configuration for the selected license appears in key-value pairs in the Licenses View pane.

The Configuration parameters and their respective descriptions are as below:




Displays the name of the customer.


Displays the name of the enabled product modules.


Displays the type of license used.


Displays the environment where the product is used.


Displays the number of CPUs supported by the installed license

Bind To

Displays whether the license is bound to the Host Name of your system or to the IP address of your system.

Issued Date

Displays the issue date of the installed license


Displays the expiry date of the installed license


Displays the encrypted signature of the installation.

Managing Fiorano Licenses

This section describes the following tasks that enable you to manage Fiorano Licenses using the License Manager Tool:

  • Viewing and saving system Information
  • Acquiring, Validating and Adding a license.
  • Removing a license.

Viewing and saving Information

The following steps enable you to view license-specific information:

  1. Right-click the License Manager node and select Machine Info. A M/C Info (Machine Information) pop-up appears and displays license-specific machine information as name-value pairs.
  2. Save the displayed information in a desired location by clicking the Save  icon on the upper-right part of the M/C Info pop-up.

     Figure 3: Machine Info dialog

Acquiring, Validating and Adding a License

To acquire a new License:

  1. Right-click the License Manager node and select Request new. This redirects you to Fiorano License Portal so that a new license request can be registered with us.
  2. You will receive the requested license(s) after successful execution of your license request. These licenses will be delivered to you as Fiorano<product_name>.lic files which can be imported, validated and added to the Fiorano Platform using the License Manager tool.

To import, validate and add a license:

  1. Right-click the License Manager node and select Import to import the newly acquired License File into the License Manager tool. The imported license will be added as a License node under the License Manager node.
    Upon importing the license from the License Manager tool, the license gets added successfully to the Fiorano Platform.
  2. Right-click any License node and select Validate to validate the license with respect to your Fiorano Platform.

Removing a License

  1. Right-click the License node that needs to be removed, select Delete to delete the selected license file from Fiorano Platform
  2. To delete all licenses, right-click on License Manager node and select Delete All. All license files get deleted from Fiorano Platform.
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