• DB: Statement execution fails while executing in Query Builder when parameters of the data type 'Date' are used.
  • Web Service Consumer 4.0: Some messages are not processed as expected when the session count on the input port is more than one.
  • FTP Put: Microservice does not process messages after idle time crossing the connection timeout value when Connection Timeout is used.


  • Adding breakpoint fails when an external authentication module like JAAS is used.
  • Multiple policy activation fails when one of the policies is incorrectly configured.
  • When durable routes are used in an event process, in case of high volume of messages (typically at more than 1000 msgs/sec), the message flow can get stuck intermittently.


  • Exporting API project fails when it is exported multiple times.


  • Dashboard becomes slow when there are a large number of records in SBW database.
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