To install Fiorano Platform, perform the following steps:

  1. Download Fiorano 10 installer from
  2. Once the file is downloaded, open terminal at the location where the file fioranoX.X.X_bXXXX_linux.bin is located.
  3. Give the executable permissions to the file by using the following command:

  4. Execute the bin file using the following command, which opens up an Installation Wizard where the installation details can be provided:


    In case of any error during the above process, check the integrity of the downloaded Installer file by following the steps in the Verifying Installer Integrity  section.

  5. Follow Steps 3 to 10 mentioned in the Installing on Windows section to complete the installation.



The bin installer might fail if openjdk is set as JAVA_HOME in some systems. In case of issues, please use Oracle's Java and set the JAVA_HOME variable appropriately.


For details on how to start and use the Fiorano ESB Servers, please refer to Developing  section.

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