The programs, below, must be installed before using eStudio as a drop-in:

  • Eclipse Version: Eclipse 3.5 Stable Release 2 (recommended) or above.
  • Ensure that the dropins EMF (version 2.5.0), GEF (3.5.2) and WTP (Web Tools Platform Version R-3.1.2) are installed in order to use eStudio as a drop-in.
  •  All the above dependencies can be installed via their respective update sites or via drop-in.


  1. Copy the folders features and plugins from $FIORANO_HOME/eStudio directory and paste to the $ECLIPSE_HOME/dropins/Fiorano/eclipse directory. Create folders Fiorano and Eclipse if these don't exist.
  2. Create a folder licenses in $ECLIPSE_HOME/dropins/Fiorano directory and place the Fiorano license file(s) in it. The directory structure is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Fiorano dropins installed in eclipse

  • Open ECLIPSE_HOME/eclipse.ini file and add the properties given below to the end of the file:
    • -DFIORANO_HOME=<Fiorano installation path>

Additional properties may be required SSL [Expand SSL] is used for communication between the Servers. The properties that may need to be added are listed, below, in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Fiorano related properties within the eclipse.ini file.

  • Start eclipse with the –clean option from the command line. eStudio will be installed successfully. To verify installation, navigate to Window > Open Perspective > Other. Fiorano specific perspectives such as Online Event Process Development, Offline Event Process Development, Profile Management, Connection Management and Mapper should be visible.
  • Go to Window > Preferences > General > Workspace > Local History and change the value of the property Maximum File Size (MB) to 10.
  • To use Fiorano specific Key Shortcuts, go to Window >Preferences>General>Keys and change the scheme to Fiorano.


  • Delete the properties mentioned in step 2 of the Installation section from the eclipse.ini file.
  • Remove the Fiorano directory from the drop-in directory and restart eclipse with the –clean option. eStudio will be successfully uninstalled.


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