Retrieve PAN policy is used to retrieve a stored token from the Vault. The policy is used along with Generate Token Policy and shares the corresponding Vault configuration.

Figure 1: Retrieve PAN Policy Configuration properties

The following properties describe the various configuration options available to use this policy.

Input Token Identifier

Configure the Message Part Identifier which contains the value of the token to fetch the corresponding PAN. The token can be present in Parameters, Headers or context variables.


To use the token from Form Parameters or Payload, use Assign Variables policy to parse the request and use the assigned variable to configure the token identifier.

Retrieved PAN Holder

The Message Part Identifier can be configured to determine the place holder for the retrieved PAN. The retrieved PAN can be used to do further processing or directly sent as a response using the Build Message Policy. 

Vault Configuration

The vault can be configured as explained in the Setting Up PAN Storage section.

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