The Reset Quota policy can be used to reset the quota limit of a user. This helps in cases where a quota needs to be reset for a particular user using the administration API.


The properties that have to be configured to use the policy are described below.

Figure 1: Reset Quota Policy Configuration property values based on Quota policy values


Click the Edit  icon corresponding to the above properties to configure Type, Variable Name and Default Value for the corresponding properties.

Figure 2: Dialog box to choose Identifier Type

Refer to the Configuring Message Part Identifier section to configure these parameters.

Quota IdentifierThe Quota Identifier field value as configured in the Quota policy.
API Project NameName of the project in which quota policy is used.
API Project VersionThe version of the project in which quota policy is used.
Deployed EnvironmentThe environment in which the project containing quota policy is deployed.
Quota Policy NameName as configured in the Quota policy
DistributedThis option is used to fetch data from the distributed database (Cassandra). If disabled, it fetches data from the cache memory in the local machine.



Specifies that the remaining quota value gets updated after every call. This option is suggested when the quota value is a hard limit to the number of calls that can be made.

The Synchronous option gets enabled when the Distributed option is enabled.

Figure 3: Synchronous option that gets enabled on enabling the Distributed option.


Configure the policy with the details below:

  • Quota Identifier:
    • Type: PARAMETER
    • Variable Name: clientId (ID of the client making the request)
    • Default Value: default (any value)


      This Quota Identifier should be the same as the quota identifier defined in the Quota policy.

  • API Project Name:

    • Type: PARAMETER
    • Variable Name: projectName
    • Default Value: default (any value)
  • API Project Version:
    • Type: PARAMETER
    • Variable Name: projectVersion
    • Default Value: default (any value)
  • Deployed Environment:

    • Type: PARAMETER
    • Variable Name: environmentName
    • Default Value: default (any value)
  • Quota Policy Name:
    • Type: PARAMETER
    • Variable Name: QuotaPolicyName
    • Default Value: default (any value)

Figure 3: Reset Quota policy configured with values as provided in the Example

When the quota limit of a client for a project exceeds the set limit, an administrative tool can send a request to the project containing the policy that is set with appropriate parameters to reset the quota so that the client will have a chance to send requests in special cases.

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