Certain policies may have to be used repeatedly with the same configuration for different projects. To avoid creating the policy manually for every project, such policies that are identified as redundant can be created in the Policy Repository, which can be used further in different projects.

Click the Keys  icon on the left side of the Administration screen to manage Policy Repository.

Click the Add  icon to add a policy to the repository.

How to add and configure a policy?

  1. Refer to the Adding a Policy section to know how to add a policy.
  2. Refer to the Policies section to know about each policy.
  • Ensure clicking the Save icon after configuring a policy so that the policy gets saved in the server.
  • Click the Refresh  icon to update policies from the server.

Using the policy in a project


After adding the policies, it can be used by the projects from the Policies screen in the respective project.

To remove a policy from the repository, click the Remove  icon.

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