Monetization Limit Check helps to set Monetization Limits restricting access to the developer in various cases like low account balance, exceeded rate plan limit or if there's no subscribed rate plan at all.


The properties that have to be configured to use the policy are described below.

Error CodeProvide a number to represent error code.
Ignore Unresolved VariablesFlow variables exist within the context of an API proxy flow, and they track state in an API transaction the way named variables track state in a software program
EnabledEnable this to use the Monetization Limit Check policy.
Continue on error 

Expert Properties

Variable Reference PrefixWe may extract the variable with the same name multiple times. In order to assign them to a unique variable, we make use of the variable reference prefix/suffix.
Variable Reference Suffix
Use this prefix instead of Policy Scope
  • Proxy/Target
  • Request/Response

Select accordingly to choose one of the endpoints.


Refer the Setting up Monetization section to know how to set up monetization.

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