Lookup Cache policy works in conjunction with Populate Cache policy to share data across API resources and projects. The key with which the data has to be looked up is retrieved and can be provided as a message part or a constant which is stored in a context variable for further use in the flow.

The Looked-up value is updated to a variable present in the input message which can be configured in policy configuration.


The properties that have to be configured to use the policy are described below.

Figure 1: Lookup Cache Policy Configuration attributes

Cache NameCache Name used in Populate Cache policy whose data has to be looked up.
KeyThe part of the message or a constant which identifies the key with which the cache has to be queried for a value.
Assign Value to VariableSpecifies the variable to which the cache value has to be assigned after it has been retrieved from the cache.


In the example "Invoking OAuth and Caching Access Tokens", the token which has been cached is fetched from the cache using this policy.

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