To add an API project for managing target service URLs, Click the Add  icon and select the required option from the list.

Figure 1: Options to add API project in the API Projects section

The various options available for project type are explained in the sections below:

  • From REST or HTTP Service
    This option allows creating a project that controls a preexisting back-end REST / HTTP URL
  • From WSDL
    As the name suggests this option requires a WSDL URL to be provided which will then be controlled by this type of project.
  • From RIM
    Allows creating a project from a RIM file. 
  • From Swagger
    Allows creating a project from a Swagger .json/.yaml file.
  • From Open API
    Allows creating a project from an Open API .yaml file.
  • From Exported Zip
    This is an import option where a project that is previously created using the API Dashboard can be exported as a zip file and can be imported back to the setup using this option at any point in time.
  • OAuth Token End Point
    This is a verification project that verifies the OAuth authentication token and allows access to the target depending on the token provided.
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