Fiorano provides you with an intuitive User Interface to create an API Project as well as manage the Projects which were already created.

Before we start, let's talk about API Projects

What is an API Project and Why do we need one?

Fiorano's API Projects are basically a representation of a single application managing your target calls to one API, there can be multiple such projects handling multiple or same target URLs depending on the requirements of the users. A Project will let you manage policies you want to implement on the request coming before and after the target is called.

For example, to allow Fiorano's Banglore office users alone to access the target API, a security policy may be added to the project that is created using an IP filter that prevents all other users from accessing this URL. To do this, firstly, create a project that allows to access this target URL on the API Management server and deploy it on one of the Gateway (proxy) servers.


Please refer Creating a Server Group for Project Deployments to create a Server Groups, that is, an environment for deployment on Gateways.

Managing API Projects

To manage API projects, navigate to the respective page through the API Projects section.

Figure 1: Fiorano API Management Dashboard with the API Projects button highlighted

Each prompt in this page is explained in detail in the following sections:

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