To develop and deploy API projects, a new environment needs to be created, which can be done by performing the following actions:

  1. Go to the API Management Dashboard and click the Admin prompt.

    Figure 1: Admin prompt in API Dashboard

  2. Select the Environments tab, and click the Add  button to add an environment in the Environments selection box.
  3. After the environment name provided gets added under the Environment section, select this added environment. It will show a Servers selection box where you can define on which server to deploy the environment-specific projects. Click Edit button to see the servers:
    • Servers: Lists the Server already added.
    • Available Servers: Lists the servers available to be added.
  4. Add a running Gateway Server from the Available Servers section to the Servers list and click Save to save the new environment.

    Figure 2: Adding a Gateway Server from the Available Servers section

Refer Environments section to know why we need an Environment.

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