While adding policy

While adding policies, to attach the policy to a resource, select the respective resource from the list that appears in the dialog box and then to attach to a certain end point, select from the Scope drop-down.

After adding policy

After adding policies, to attach the created policy to proxy flow, that is, to any of the four endpoints of flow (Proxy Request, Target Request, Target Response and Proxy Response), perform the following actions:

  1. Click the Resources tab present below the Policies tab on the left navigation panel.
  2. A resource named 'DefaultResource' will already be present under the tab; you may add a new resource or edit the Default Resource.
  3. Click on the resource to view the resource editor on the right side. Policies can be attached at 4 places, each of them appearing as an arrow on the resource editor.
    1. Selecting any of these arrows will open an editor window.
    2. Click the Edit button beside the editor to display the below sections:
      • Policies: Lists the policies (added to that endpoint)
      • Available Policies : Lists the policies available to be added.
  4. Select the required policies and add them to the endpoint by dragging it from Available Policies section to Policies section or by using the Arrow button available between the sections.
  5. After this is done, click Save  button to apply the changes and to attach your policy to the project


Refer Resources section to know how to add a new resource and to understand the various options in this section of the API Manager.

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