Policies are requirements/checks that need to be added to a target URL for pre processing or post processing. To add a policy in a project, the following actions need to be performed in the API Projects page, where the projects will be listed.

  1. Double-click the project to which the policy is to be added.
  2. Select the Policies tab and click the Add  button (Add new policy configuration) on this tab to add a new policy.
  3. In the Add New Policy pop-up, add a policy ID and select the type of policy to be added.
    • Example:
      1. Navigate through Security > IP Filtering from the Policy drop-down and click OK.
      2. Select the Policy ID to navigate to the respective Policy Configuration page.
      3. In the Policy Configuration page, configure the policy as per your need, for example, if you want to deny IP network, provide "" in the DeniedIP with Mask text box and select Allow/Deny in No Match Rule text box as per your requirement.
  4. Click Save button present at the upper-right part of the screen to apply the changes to the project; a confirmation message flashes for 2 seconds in the background.

Each policy is explained in detail in Policies section.


Details about adding a resource while adding a policy is described in the next section.

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