Connect4Care is a cloud-based case management platform for Social Care, Care Homes, and Hospices, Connect4Care is partnering with both Refero and Siilo and the Fiorano Platform provides interoperability layer for regional connectivity.

Social Care, Care Home and Hospices all interact directly with other service providers and Local Authority. The platform will connect to NHS Trusts, GP Service, Local Authority's Social Service, Justice Services, Emergency services and Education.

Connect4Care is providing the case management and interoperability solution for CMAS a specialist education service for excluded children across Devon and Gloucestershire social service which will be extended to Somerset and Wiltshire in due course the delivery incorporates interoperability between CMAS and Local Social and Education services. Connect4Care will be integrating via the Fiorano Platform the secure messaging app Siilo (a health and care messaging app) with GP's and Health Trusts as part of the service.