September 13, 2019 | Richard Last
Category: Healthcare

fiorano-integration Consumers of all ages are using technology in all aspects of their lives, and health care is following the same track at a blistering pace. The current rage amongst millennials ranges from Fitbit watches and other wearables that track every part of your day-including activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep-to help you find you are fit, stay motivated, and see how small steps make a big impact-to Applications that allow you to receive medication alerts or reminders, and measure, record, and transmit data about medications or treatments.

The Cost Advantage

Looking at the commercial market, a recent study found that the average estimated cost of a telehealth visit is $40 to $50 per visit compared to the average estimated cost of $136 to $176 for in-person acute care. The initial telehealth visit is resolving patient issues at an average of 83 percent of the time. (References) (Yamamoto, 2014).

Regulatory and Insurance industry shifts are also increasingly accommodating virtual visits as part of their overall well-being and care programs. Thus, it is making increasing business sense to pursue the digital aspect of health care as part of an overall corporate strategy. The future is in connected healthcare, a system that is connecting patient, healthcare provider, general practitioner, laboratory test, radiology and other imaging results to close the loop of naturally occurring latencies in the system of data exchange leading to delays in diagnosis, prescription, cure and ultimately, the quality of health care and even well-being.

Proliferating data end-points

The technology to access and track health care information have also proliferated from websites to Smartphone, tablet applications, digital medical assistants, and personal medical devices or fitness monitors, with more and more people preferring the on-the-go option of monitoring their fitness and health.

With big data available from multiple sources on treatments, symptoms and prescriptive treatment outcomes, combining all this into an AI (Artificial Intelligence) environment seems almost a given predictable path that will evolve. But going beyond the various limitations and drawbacks, perhaps, of such a route to healthcare, the question becomes whether healthcare alternatives and treatment to far flung populations with unavailability of doctors, facilities, medication or even political unrest - is something better than nothing?

The Infrastructure Challenge to connecting the data

Connecting the data in an intelligent way, providing visibility to health care providers, building algorithms that can consider every option to give an outcome that improves the care of patients are some of the main challenges. Lack of interoperability of systems, data locked in legacy applications and failure to log and share relevant treatment outcomes are some of the areas that will need to be addressed.

Many health care organizations have already implemented a virtual health strategy. However, to be effective, organizations need to start proactively putting infrastructure and strategies in place and ensure that appropriate technologies and platforms are integrated into the care delivery model; data availability and integration need to be as real-time as possible allowing care givers to respond timely to treatment plans and their adjustment to positively impact patient health.

All over the world, Fiorano technology has been used by Healthcare organizations to easily unlock data and connect with their legacy systems to transform into Digital, Cloud and API-first businesses. The Fiorano Healthcare Solution supports interoperability and allows secure sharing of healthcare data in the high-volume environments of next generation Healthcare markets. It has been implemented at NHS and Babylon, that has an aggressive bold mission to democratize healthcare and to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth. To learn more about how you can connect your systems together quickly and efficiently, contact us at Fiorano

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