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Fiorano Upgrades SOA Platform® to Improve Communication between Real-Time Business Processes

Business Infrastructure Software Developer Enhances SOA Platform with Eclipse-based eStudio

Los Gatos, CA – February 17th 2009 – Fiorano Software, ( a leading provider of enterprise class business process integration and messaging infrastructure technology, today debuted Fiorano SOA Platform® 9, the newest version of its popular real-time business software for enabling effective coordination and interaction of software assets across the extended enterprise.

Fiorano SOA Platform®, a distributed, event-driven platform for real-time business built on a standards-based Enterprise Service Bus, empowers companies with the tools to draw on existing business logic and processes (anywhere across the enterprise) for the rapid assembly of solutions. Compared to existing solutions for real-time enablement, Fiorano SOA Platform includes faster implementation and deployment cycles, a flexible platform for future expansion offering a high degree of reuse, easy extensibility, seamless interoperability and an improved ROI.

Fiorano SOA Platform is constructed of four components: Fiorano ESB® (an event-driven middleware infrastructure platform), FioranoMQ® (world's first grid-enabled, peer-to-peer JMS messaging platform), Fiorano Business Components and Adapters (ready-to-use JCA compliant components that include connectors for all popular databases) and Fiorano Process Orchestration Tools (integrated tools for orchestrating standards-based business components and business processes with minimal IT intervention). Improvements in FioranoMQ reduce data latency to between 5 and 40 milliseconds - the best latency performance for commercial JMS Servers.

Fiorano SOA's eStudio interface is based on an Eclipse development environment, enabling versatility through support of multiple programming languages. The program's dashboard item is a web-based console that lets administrators monitor the state of the infrastructure from any location on the network.

New Capabilities in Event Process Life Cycle Management (EPLCM)

Fiorano SOA Platform 9 allows users to move an event process across different labeled environments (testing, staging, QA and production) at the click of a button. The server automatically picks up pre-created profiles for each environment at deployment time.

The upgrade allows the user to specify properties for service instances in an event process for various environments, rather than creating new event processes for each environment. With the new EPLCM functionality, migration from one environment to another is simple.

Programming Improvements

In addition to EPLCM and eStudio improvements, Fiorano SOA Platform 9 adds the following capabilities:

  • Subflows - Upgrade allows the user to insert an event process into another event process, easing composition of large applications.
  • Event-Interception - Message injection has been added to further simplify debugging.
  • Dynamic Validations - While editing and creating services and applications, dynamic validations point out development time errors, which previously would wait until compile or run-time phases.

Dashboard New Features

Fiorano SOA Platform's dashboard interface has been equipped with the following new features and enhancements to increase efficiency:

  • Interactive UI based on various filters adds support for deleting system and SBW (document tracking) events.
  • Added support shows component performance monitoring data in both tabular and graph views, providing options to plot both real-time and historical performance data for a chosen component.
  • Event process configuration data for various environments can now be displayed in a single view.

For more information regarding Fiorano SOA Platform® 9 and its components, please visit:

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Fiorano Software ( is a leading provider of enterprise class business process integration and messaging infrastructure technology. Fiorano's network-centric solutions set a new paradigm in ROI, performance, interoperability and scalability. Global leaders including Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, British Telecom, Credit Agricole Titres, Lockheed Martin, NASA, POSCO, Qwest Communications, Schlumberger and Vodafone among others have used Fiorano technology to deploy their enterprise nervous systems.