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メディア掲載記事 (米国)

このページでは、米国およびその他の国のオンライン メディアに掲載された Fiorano Software 関連の記事を掲載しています。

August 29, 2014

Transforming Digital Business in 'Real-Time'
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) middleware vendor Fiorano Software leverages an innovative architecture to achieve real-time performance both in and out of the Cloud. "Fiorano implements peer-to-peer distributed ESB platform technology that allows enterprises to implement real-time systems in a linearly-scalable manner," explains Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano. More »


July 17, 2014
Sys Con

Aboitiz Power Corporation Chooses Fiorano Middleware for Enterprise-Class IT Infrastructure
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, today announced that Fiorano ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) has been chosen by Aboitiz Power Corporation to integrate multiple applications and streamline business processes of its subsidiaries Visayan Electric Company and Davao Light & Power Corporation. More »

June 30, 2014
Joy Online

Ghana's banking software industry gets big boost
Global Solutions Limited/Inlaks Computers, distributors of TEMENOS banking software in West Africa, has announced a partnership with Fiorano which integrates complementary banking services such as ATM, SMS and internet banking with core banking services to boost operational efficiency and productivity among banks. More »

April 16, 2014
Agence Finance Press

French Retail, Éditions Atlas Uses Fiorano SOA for Real-Time Enablement of its Global Operations
Fiorano Software announced that Éditions Atlas, a leading French retail company has deployed the Fiorano SOA platform to integrate applications across multiple European subsidiaries' yielding an unprecedented increase in productivity. More »

April 01, 2014
Market Watch

IG Index Migrates to FioranoMQ to Scale Financial Transactions : Replaces IBM MQ with faster, more robust JMS system
Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware solutions, announced that FioranoMQ has been deployed at IG Index, the UK's number one financial spread betting and Forex services provider. More »

March 20, 2014
Integration Developer News

Fiorano Rolls Out ESB-Based B2B Gateway To Simplify, Secure Business To Business Communications
Fiorano Software is shipping an enterprise-level B2B gateway to help users securely transact business with customers, partners and distributors. Fiorano B2B Gateway enables accurate, real-time information exchange across the extended enterprise. More »

March 18, 2014
SOA World

Temenos Partners with Fiorano to Provide 'Out of the Box' Integration Solution for Banks
Typically forty percent of the core banking implementation effort is involved in interfacing with multiple applications. We knew we need a partner to provide an 'Out of the Box' solution and we chose Fiorano to be that partner. More »

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