• Fiorano’s peer-to-peer, REST-based Platform integrates applications and complex systems, increases business process performance, yields higher message throughput, and enhances availability through agent-based visual composition that bridges the capability gap between business models and their implementation - the model is the application, ready to run. Learn More »
  • Fiorano 10: Enterprise Class Technology

    Peer to peer architecture

    Massive Scalability

    Continuous Availability

    Zero Project failures

  • Fiorano 10: Rapid Application Development

    Design, Configure, Execute and Monitor business logic

    Comprehensive set of prebuilt components/adapters

    Single view for business and implementation teams

    Connect, Distribute and Execute with minimal programming

  • Fiorano 10: Cloud Enabled

    Seamless on-premise-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud integration

    Cross over business process integration

    High availability Messaging across the Globe

    Scalable, reliable and real-time, Pay-as-you-go infrastructure

  • Fiorano B2B Gateway

    Trading Partner Management

    Documents, Protocols (AS1, AS2, EBMS), Messaging

    Transactional Visibility

    Mapping, Translation, Back-end Integration

  • Fiorano: Half the Programmers, Half the Time

    Performance and Reuse of existing logic

    Wizards-based setup and configurations

    Dynamically distribute processes across multiple machines

    Less moving parts compared with competitive products

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"Fiorano has been critical in enabling the speed and efficiency with which we have been able to roll out this innovative product (M-Shwari) and handle the unexpected large volume of transactions and data..." Read More »

"This is a huge opportunity for Banks to gain new customers and have access to large deposits. It can be a major competitive differentiator for a new customer's decision on where to bank..." Read More »

"When we select an SOA platform product, we carefully evaluate implementation efficiency value per use case. With the Fiorano SOA Platform, development processes from configuration to deployment were very smooth and easy so that alternative business scenarios could be completed very quickly..." Read More »

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