Fiorano has a distinct and highly scalable approach to solving problems in the integration space.  With its unique combination of microservices and messaging-based event-driven architecture, it can cater to a wide range of usage patterns and challenges in the digital space.

The Fiorano ESB Core is now Open Source with its Fiorano ESB Community Edition, built on top of industry standards including OSGi (Apache Karaf), and JMS (Apache ActiveMQ).  Fiorano Community Edition's open source wire level protocol called CCP (Component Control Protocol (CCP)) allows asynchronous communication between the Fiorano ESB server and the Fiorano Microservices. 


As discussed earlier, the Fiorano microservice container is built on top of the industry standards including and is bundled with ActiveMQ as the JMS engine. Plugins are available to use the commercial distribution of Fiorano MQ as the JMS Engine which provides better speed and reliability. Similarly, plugins can be developed for any provider of JMS like Tibco EMS, JBoss AMQ and Fiorano MQ.


CommunicationRuntime DeploymentMonitoring
Deployed Microservices communicate asynchronously using JMS
  • Automatically creates the JMS endpoints (i.e. message queues and Topics) for individual Microservices
  • Also creates “routes” for communication
  • Includes tools and APIs for managing and monitoring Microservices
  • Ability to debug and modify message flows between Microservices


Fiorano Microservice Deployment Pack

  • Free integrated deployment environment for microservices and flows
    • Includes eStudio – eclipse-based graphical tool to visually define interactions and communications between various microservices in a flow
    • Define applications (‘flows’) as a composition of multiple microservice instances
    • Modify/change microservice source-code or configurations
  • Free Web-based dashboard to monitor/manage microservices deployed across the Fiorano ESB network
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