Brigade Group

With just two weeks of work by a team of two engineers, we were able to synchronize our front-end and SAP backend systems," "New opportunities created in are now immediately reflected in SAP and updates to paid invoices in the back-end system are made available to field-sales in real-time. The solution has already benefitted our top-line within the first two months of deployment. We are now looking to implement many new internal business processes enterprise-wide using the Fiorano SOA Platform as the backbone infrastructure of our enterprise nervous system.


FioranoMQ is truly the best with flexible and expandable software licensing. Fiorano alone has the unique ability to communicate from the executive level all the way down to the details required by developers. Looking forward, I think this mix of business and technology holds much promise

Payment Technologies

We evaluated several Java Message Service (JMS) implementations to ensure that we could support the performance demands and high transaction volumes of our customers and business partners. We ran a series of performance tests and found that Fiorano's unique file-based data store technology enabled FioranoMQ to outperform all the other JMS implementations. In addition, FioranoMQ was a clear choice for our real-world scalability requirements

Sun Microsystems

Enterprise Messaging is an essential tool for building enterprise applications on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. JMS implementations, such as FioranoMQ, offer customers the benefits of a Java technology-based middleware platform that extends the capabilities of developing large-scale distributed applications. We are pleased to see Fiorano's efforts materialized in this new messaging solution integrated with Sun's JMS specification


Fiorano has exceeded our expectations! Our business is based on fulfilling client requests in a reliable and timely manner. We cannot afford for any order be dropped as it is being passed between systems. We investigated developing a custom solution - but the effort, cost, and technical hurdles were significant. FioranoMQ offered us an affordable solution that easily fit with our architecture. We were able to quickly develop an application that addressed all of our concerns by using FioranoMQ as the foundation.

BIT Systems, Inc

FioranoMQ has been a critical component of our global, multi-site architecture for over two years. JMS standards compliance allows us to retain flexibility in JMS product selection, while the performance and value-added features of FioranoMQ, plus the personalized service offered by the Fiorano team, have kept us loyal to them

Chordiant Software, Inc

We chose FioranoMQ due to its high performance, ease of use and administration capabilities. It also became an easy first choice due to the extremely fast turnaround times, excellent technical support and customer care. FioranoMQ provides the reliability and scalability that can meet demands of a growing enterprise, resulting in FioranoMQ emerging right on top against other messaging vendors

BeVocal Inc

BeVocal depends on FioranoMQ as a reliable transport for its OA&M and critical services including our alarm infrastructure

Unicel Technologies

We have ambitious plans, and executing those in the current competitive environment required investment in a reliable, scalable high performance infrastructure. With Fiorano we have achieved a positive ROI on our SOA implementation in just a few months. Message processing capability has increased five-fold and SLA commitments have improved by 80%. Most importantly, it has given us a clear line of sight for increasing performance by another five-fold in the coming months. It has been a tremendous force multiplier for us


We chose FioranoMQ because of its performance. It stood out among all the major JMS implementations we evaluated. FioranoMQ has excellent round trip latency for messages at various loads, which was a critical requirement for us

Aboitiz Power

"Fiorano provides a highly scalable integration platform enabling us to standardize and service enable all applications built on different technologies. Fiorano ESB is now part of our core infrastructure serving multiple applications."
Aladino B. Borja Jr., AVP
APC Distribution Information Services
Aboitiz Power Corporation.

Aboitiz Power Corporation wanted to move away from its legacy integration approach and incorporate a flexible Enterprise Class ESB to seamlessly integrate its Work and Asset Management (WAM), Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) and E-Business Suite (EBS) applications, along with other internally developed applications.

After an extensive evaluation, Aboitiz Power Corporation chose Fiorano ESB, the industry's only peer-to-peer "bus-design based" ESB delivering enterprise-class performance. With Fiorano ESB's productive tools and framework which allows new capabilities to be launched faster, Aboitiz Power Corporation has not only service-enabled its applications in record time but is also introducing next-generation mobile applications for its consumers.

"Fiorano provides a highly scalable integration platform enabling us to standardize and service enable all applications built on different technologies. Fiorano ESB is now part of our core infrastructure serving multiple applications." said Mr. Aladino B. Borja Jr., AVP – APC Distribution Information Services at Aboitiz Power Corporation.

The agility provided by Fiorano's backend IT infrastructure allows Aboitiz Power Corporation to stay committed to the cause of making renewable energy available to every user, giving them the choice for a more sustainable way of life.

Éditions Atlas

Operating throughout Europe and Scandinavia, Éditions Atlas has over 5 million customers and sends over 40 million parcels each year. With the increasing complexity of operating with legacy systems at different locations, the company needed a unique interface suitable for all countries to integrate its custom-built CRM applications and services deployed on heterogeneous systems. The Fiorano SOA platform running in a virtual machine cluster provides an enterprise IT foundation for Éditions Atlas enabling multiple 24/7 real-time processes including: logistics, where a Zip Code Control system that manages package delivery processing and customer service operations to extract phrases from a database to feed a text-to-speech system used to answers Frequently Asked Questions.

Éditions Atlas initially used Fiorano to integrate operations across France, Belgium and Switzerland and seamlessly expanded the system to Denmark, the Netherlands, and Russia. Fiorano SOA provides a reliable message-oriented integration framework and platform to design scalable and reusable solutions critical for business expansion. The Fiorano SOA platform implements standards for communication, connectivity, transformation and security, enabling application interoperability and allowing skills and software-assets to be easily transferred between projects. Fiorano supports and drives industry standards for integration, including Java, Web Services, and XML.

Dyckerhoff AG

"The most evident advantage of Fiorano is the ability to "halt" the whole communication/choreography scenario at any state of a process for debugging. This very helpful debugging feature is implemented in Fiorano in a very intelligent manner. Under our stress tests, Fiorano has shown superiority in a majority of aspects and is the product of our choice, technically and commercially"
Stefan Boetticher,
IT architect infrastructure,

Dyckerhoff AG, a 150 years old producer of cement and concrete operating across Europe and other continents, has deployed Fiorano ESB to optimize their logistics, "just in time" operations and intelligently integrate centralized SAP systems with multiple suppliers and partners.

The IT landscape of Dyckerhoff is dominated by an SAP ERP system, together with additional SAP applications and a variety of heterogeneous specialty software, including laboratory and recipe management involving data exchanges with legacy production systems. As Dyckerhoff did not have an existing internal ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) infrastructure, they made the decision to bring in an enterprise-class infrastructure solution to integrate their centralized SAP systems with multiple supplier and partner SAP systems across Europe, among others.

Dyckerhoff evaluated various integration platforms including those from Software AG, IBM and Oracle. After a detailed Proof of Concept and careful review of the proposed offers Dyckerhoff concluded that Fiorano ESB was the best match for its requirements because of its unique distributed, asynchronous architecture.

The agility provided by Fiorano's backend IT infrastructure allows Aboitiz Power Corporation to stay committed to the cause of making renewable energy available to every user, giving them the choice for a more sustainable way of life.


Gamma-Dynacare, one of Canada's largest and most respected providers of medical laboratory services and solutions, has deployed Fiorano ESB for swift and accurate testing and reporting of tens of thousands of specimens each day. With more than 50 million tests conducted each year and supporting more than 12,000 community-based Canadian physicians and other healthcare providers, reducing time, achieving near 100% accuracy in matching test results and automating its processes was crucial for Gamma-Dynacare by way of helping patients seek immediate attention by their healthcare provider.

Gamma-Dynacare uses Fiorano for reporting a number of critical and complex tests, including the Food Intolerance Test - This test measures over 220 specific foods at a time and involves manual processing together with a tedious and critical task of matching lab test results with patients and patient records, a process that was taking upwards of 3 days per patient. With Fiorano's efficient mapping tools and ESB infrastructure, the time taken to deliver test results was reduced to less than two hours, resulting in a substantial increase in ROI (Return on Investment) and customer satisfaction

With an innovative enterprise system in place, Gamma-Dynacare was able to automate multiple processes:

  • Automate interface between core lab system and ERP system at GDML (Gamma Dynacare Medical Laboratories)
  • Automate interface between HR ERP and vendor learning portal
  • Automate orders-out interface to partner vendors using HL7
  • Automate results-in interfaces from partner vendors using HL7 with embedded PDF
  • Provide web-services for vendor party integration into their application–enabling the vendor product to interface into GDML's ordering system and validate and retrieve order information
  • Automate interface between core lab system and vendor partner system
  • Distribute reports automatically from vendor system to GDML systems

IG Index

IG Index, the UK's number one financial spread betting and Forex services provider, chose FioranoMQ after a careful evaluation to migrate from its existing IBM MQ series platform, a move designed to stimulate greater interest in the fast-paced spread-betting market. FioranoMQ offers IG Index a low latency, high throughput messaging platform with the ability to scale linearly, with thousands of connections across multiple connecting various applications processing messages with24X7 reliability. The production system currently handles over thirty million messages per day and is designed to scale comfortably in the coming years.

IG Index has been successfully offering retail investors leveraged access to over ten thousand financial markets through their award-winning dealing platform and mobile apps. It recently introduced "Sprint Markets", a solution which allows superfast bets on major stock indices. The key to IG Index's phenomenal success has been its willingness to employ the best technology to meet business needs on a scale unmatched by its peers.


L'Orèal India uses Fiorano to streamline data-flows and transformations between applications hosted by distributors and at the central data-centers of the company.

Prior to the automation via Fiorano, sales orders and invoice generated by web applications hosted by each distributor used to automatically update L'Orèal's backend ERP system (SAP R3) along with other master-data such as customer records, schemes, letters of intent (LOI), business agreements etc. This process of manually collecting sales data from hundreds of distributors across the country and managing internal sales processes proved to be a hindrance. Consistent loss of data and the lack of real-time automation stretched execution timelines, resulting in declining productivity.

L'Orèal selected the Fiorano SOA platform as the backplane infrastructure to seamlessly connect internal systems – legacy or otherwise, enabling the rapid deployment of data-flows and transformations in real-time. The new integrated system allows L'Orèal to remotely monitor, log and track for effective error handling, problem resolution and more importantly real-time automation between its Distribution Management System (DMS), SAP and SQL data warehouse for business intelligence.

Fiorano's comprehensive application integration solution has enabled L'Orèal India to focus on its core mission of making beauty universal in a sustainable and responsible way in emerging markets.

Zale Corporation

Zale Corporation is North America's leading specialty retailer in fine jewelry, watches and diamonds, operating approximately 1,680 retail locations throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico and offering an extensive range of products. Over the years Zale Corporation's application portfolios have increased in complexity. This required a responsive, consistent infrastructure platform to cater to market and customer requirements in near real-time. It was critical for Zale to move away from their legacy systems of disparate batch oriented systems to real time information systems.

At Zale, the Fiorano SOA product is used to address three primary areas:

  • Application Integration - To date they have replaced a number of batch/flat file integrations with near real-time integrations using Fiorano. This has not only resulted in more timely data updates but has greatly reduced dependence of one application on another. By making use of database triggers and queuing systems like Oracle AQ and SQL Server Service Broker, Zales have been able to quickly build integrations with minimal impact on the hosting applications.
  • Services - Using the service-based features of Fiorano they have been able to quickly expose HTTP and REST-based services to support their integration efforts. A service-based approach to real-time queries insulates an application from the details of data acquisition and reduces application dependence on other systems. Zales found Fiorano to be particularly well suited to rapid service development.
  • ETL - Data transformation is a key service when dealing with external vendors. Zales have implemented a number of external integrations with Fiorano which allow them to easily work with both incoming and outbound flat files. The advanced transformation and parsing facilities in Fiorano have greatly assisted them in these efforts.


After a detailed Proof-of-Concept DHL , the world's largest logistics company operating around the world and a market leader in sea and air mail selected Fioarno ESB for swift processing and tracking of its containers globally.

DHL moves a very large amount of packages, mail, containers etc each day and night across its thousands of docking points located all around the world. This involves a massive and complex logistics operation of data sharing with multiple systems, multiple docking points, airports, airplanes, trucks - communication is key here. All of these communications are built with help of Fiorano, any slight glitch the container movement stops and makes it difficult to track.

DHL is moving hundreds of thousands of parcels each day, depending on Fiorano's proven enterprise-class performance. Fiorano's innovative event-driven SOA platform integrates applications and complex technologies into an enterprise nervous system.

Bajaj Finserv

"With Fiorano's seamless deployment, we were able to consolidate various integration processes into one single platform across organization. The integration not only made it convenient for us to monitor all process flows centrally, but also enabled us to provide our customers with a simple and hassle-free experience."
Mr. Rakesh Bhatt,
Chief Operating Officer
Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv offers an extensive range of loan and insurance products and services to its customers. These products and services are accessed using an EMI (Existing Member Identification) card at various Kiosks located all across India. The loan approval process requires information to be collected and verified from different systems and organizations such as, the Credit Information Bureau Limited (CIBIL), multiple backend databases and multiple assorted applications which check on previous customer track records.

A burgeoning middle-class with high purchasing power and the fast-paced financial marketplace of India required a responsive, consistent infrastructure platform to cater to customer requirements in near real-time. By employing Fiorano's integration technology, Bajaj has drastically reduced the maintenance and monitoring effort involved in mission-critical processes. With transactions running on real-time at high speed, customers that earlier had to wait for hours together could now have their loans approved in matter of seconds.

Strategic and Operational Benefits

  • A single, unified and centralized system across the organization
  • Single customer view and enhanced customer relationships
  • Customer gratification through speedy approvals and transactions
  • Ability to launch new products or services more rapidly
  • Rapid response to change in market regulations and practices
  • Efficient IT management practices
  • High visibility and control over processes using the Studio GUI provided by Fiorano
  • Easy Scalability to support the company's growing operational needs.

Delaware North Companies

Delaware North Companies (DNC) is a global food service and hospitality company headquartered in Buffalo, New York in the United States. The company operates in the lodging, sporting, airport, gaming and entertainment industries. The company employs over 55,000 people worldwide and has over $2.6 billion in annual revenues.

Among other things, DNC uses Fiorano to handle job scheduling (to scrub and transfer data between disparate sources) and to provide access to their internal data by deploying REST services which perform data lookup, enrichment and transformations on demand. Fiorano is the single point of data ingress and egress for DNC internal systems to consume data from cloud systems and vice versa. These data transfers are handled in the form of scheduled jobs (which perform business orchestration tasks) and web APIs which provide on-demand access to data from their systems deployed around the world. This is critical as many of the DNC systems move to the cloud, and as many of their clients want access to their data which is currently behind the firewall. Additionally, the development capacity and expertise of the Fiorano professional services team act as an extension to the DNC team for both new development and support.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

"We found that developing and deploying new processes, as well as modifying and redeploying existing processes, was much faster with Fiorano in comparison with BizTalk and Mule. Fiorano also had a lower learning curve, decreasing our time to deployment significantly."
Ganasekharan Thoppe,
Application Engineer,
Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Case Study Brief

To serve an increasingly larger body of students, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne needed to automate various business processes. For instance, the automated creation of leads and prospects from EHL's website, the creation of student profiles from Admission and Enrollment information, feeding data for the automatic creation of invoices for students based on varying criteria, automatic updates of Alumni profiles from the end-user portal to the CRM system, etc.

The Fiorano ESB forms the integration layer moving data between the pillar applications. Fiorano "event processes" implement specific business processes, allowing EHL to automate operations incrementally. Testing was simplified with the help of the Fiorano Studio's sophisticated debugging capabilities. With Fiorano's peer-to-peer architecture EHL has managed to evolve it's ESB infrastructure as requirements have grown and the experience with the ESB solution has matured.

University of CA, Berkeley

"Overall, there has never been a bottleneck handling the upstream information from HR or from the student and alumni systems. If for some reason things get backed up, we can cache messages on the client end to maintain smooth operation. We expect our number of CalNet IDs to grow to nearly a million over time-and there's no reason to believe FioranoMQ won't handle our needs."
Jeff McCullough, CTO,
University of Berkeley

Case Study Brief

Identities, as it turns out, are also critical to a subset of this sprawling school: UC Berkeley's Information Services and Technology (IST) division. The department, staffed by 400 technical and administrative staff, is responsible for maintaining the university's CalNet IDs–the database of security identities that allows students, employees and alumni to access various UC Berkeley services.

Administrating the online identities of 35,000 students, 21,000 employees, and tens of thousands of alumni is no small task. Each CalNet ID gives its user secure Single Sign On (SSO) access to his or her portion of virtually hundreds of disparate computer systems and networks throughout the university. For faculty and staff, the CalNet ID is also their unique employment number used for paychecks, benefit statements and HR work records; for students it is their link to grades, housing and academic files. Finally, each CalNet ID provides a personal entry in the university's online white pages directory.

Northern California Power Agency

"What we like about Fiorano ESB, in addition to its terrific feature set, is its open standards support for both .NET and Java. Since our plan was to use .NET wherever possible, but also employ J2EE where appropriate, Fiorano ESB was an obvious choice."
Mark Myers,
Application Architect,
Northern California Power Agency [NCPA]

Case Study Brief

Constantly changing government mandates, industry deregulation, limited production capacity, an aging infrastructure, and shifting populations are all placing huge demands on utilities and power companies.

NCPA's primary business partners have been moving to XML-based web services as the preferred method for data exchange. However, NCPA had historically used a data-centric client/server model to facilitate data flows with members and outside partners. The agency also wrote many of its own applications using a monolithic approach which did not allow the development and reuse of common libraries.

The ideal solution that NCPA was looking for was a middleware that would allow them to:

  • Seamlessly communicate with the partner applications at very high rate of message transfer at near real time
  • Allow easy intra application data transfer with minimum manual work
  • Integrate applications with XML web services on the fly
  • Help retain the existing data kept in legacy

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil Field Company
"Since we started using FioranoMQ in October 2008, 50-60 percent more office employees have been able to implement real-time data transmission from field locations. That number is increasing by 5-10 percent every month"
Arturo Altamirano, Principal Engineer,
Leading Technology Supplier
Oil & Gas Industry

Case Study Brief

Employing more than 87,000 people representing over 140 nationalities and working in approximately 80 countries, the oilfield services company provides the industry's widest range of products and services from exploration through production. The company maintains principal offices in Paris, Houston and the Hague.

Because of the fragility of certain formation processes during oil collection, the company's field staff has to transmit data back to office staff in a timely manner. Pressurizing and fracturing oil and gas formations requires real-time or near real-time transfer of data; if decisions made by office staff take a few seconds or minutes, the company risks damaging the formation.


With FioranoMQ, Altamirano and the company have been able to reduce data latency from 5-10 seconds to a maximum wait of one second. Office employees no longer have to worry about breaks in streams and non-continuous data transfer. All data and decision-making is presented in real-time.

Federal Bank

"This is a huge opportunity for Banks to gain new customers and have access to large deposits. It can be a major competitive differentiator for a new customer's decision on where to bank."
K P Sunny,
IT Head,
Federal Bank

Case Study Brief

Federal Bank, based in Kerala, India uses over 30 retail banking applications from various vendors including Infosys Core banking (FInacle)running on mixture of hardware including IBM AIX servers. As part of their growth plans to increase the number of value added services to its customers, the Bank wanted to provide near real-time availability of foreign exchange remittances through SWIFT. In addition, they had ambitious plans to extend their offering to build a multichannel payment gateway, and expand their kiosk facilities and ATM network.

Federal Bank's IT team decided that the best long term solution was to revisit the architectural blue print of their Enterprise middleware infrastructure and implement an Enterprise Service Bus architecture, enabling reuse and rapid connectivity to partners and third parties across heterogeneous data formats and hardware. Outlined below are some of the some examples of how Federal bank is using Fiorano;

  • National ID based Payments System (Aadhaar Payment Bridge System, APBS).
    Federal Bank uses Fiorano ESB to support India’s national ID based welfare disbursement system. The integration of data and managing settlements required to support APBS (the payment gateway used to electronically distribute funds to beneficiaries of various social security programs)involves managing multiple complex file formats of various banks and complying with the Reserve Bank of India’s standardized formats. NPCI sends the payment details to the bank in a file which contains details such as the National ID number, amount, etc. The bank receives the file, process it in its Core banking system, credits the account and sends the acknowledgment to NPCI in a similar formatted file.
  • Mobile Pass book app
    Federal Bank introduced a Mobile app for its customers where customers can view their transaction details on their smart phone. Fiorano was able to seamlessly synchronize this information flow with Mobile applications using the Fiorano ESB.
  • Bangalore Metro payment
    Metro rail users can easily “top up” their credit using any of the Federal bank ATMs, or by just sending an SMS or using their Internet banking solutions. This service is made available to Federal Bank using Fiorano ESB via web services.
  • Integrated Document Management System
    The documents collected during account opening are stored in a backend Database Management System and mapped to the relevant account created in the Core Banking System.

World's second-largest Bank

Deutsche Bank
"In this particular case, there are three financial centers located in London, Singapore and Boston. They each publish their Bonds identified by unique ISINs. The Bond details are then viewable using Graphical User Interfaces which allow users to keep track of the changing prices. The GUI also allows user to buy a bond, by specifying the quantity and asking price. Based on the ISIN, the request is then routed to the appropriate centre."
Chief Technology Officer | World's second-largest Bank

Case Study Brief

Headquarters in London and a network comprising of approximately 10,000 offices in 82 countries across the world, this institution is very committed to providing their local customers with a global banking experience.

The IT infrastructure had grown with the bank over time. It was built and developed on multiple technologies including multiple vendor products and applications designed using varying methodologies. Over time the bank's IT managers realized that if they were to get optimal returns from their technology investments they needed to enable the IT infrastructure to be flexible and agile enough to respond quickly and effectively to the ever growing business demands. As a result they established strict architectural disciplines vowing to overcome the followings:

  • Transport-vendor Dependency
    The bank infrastructure has, over time, implemented multiple transport systems, including MQSeries, Tibco and others. Seamless switching among transport vendors should be available.
  • Hosting Environment
    There should be a reliable, high performance and �high available' component hosting environment.
  • Componentization
    Business logic locked within various applications should be extracted and aligned with other applications for reusability.
  • Well Defined Development Model
    Software applications supporting the business processes were developed in an ad-hoc manner with a diverse and undefined architecture.
  • Black-Box Integration
    Most of the time when contract programmers left the organization, the applications tend to become black boxes, making it difficult to incorporate business logic changes.
  • Event Driven Architecture
    Provide a uniform event driven, component architecture for applications across global operations for transport independence and maximum reusability.
  • Reusability
    No rip-n-replace approach to the existing infrastructure, choosing instead a gradual approach that allows maximum reuse of existing resources.

Commercial Bank of Africa

"Fiorano has been critical in enabling the speed and efficiency with which we have been able to roll out this innovative product (M-Shwari) and handle the unexpected large volume of transactions and data. M-Shwari has exceeded all the performance KPIs that we set out to achieve in the first 90 days."
Dennis Volemi,
Head of Technology,
New Business Ventures,
Commercial Bank of Africa

Case Study Brief

Powered by Fiorano ESB, Commercial Bank of Africa revolutionizes mobile-banking. M-Shwari logs 40,000 customers per day crossing Ksh1 billion in transactions a month with core banking integration from Fiorano.

M-Shwari, considered a “game-changing” banking product is offered by CBA exclusively to 17 million users of Kenyan mobile operator, Safaricom’s mobile payment system, M-PESA. CBA has been the custodian of M-PESA funds since inception and these customers can now get access to full banking services without ever having to walk into a branch. This is seen as the perfect customer attraction and retention tool by CBA.

Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus works as an integral part of the Core banking Integration Framework used by CBA, which moves integration from a one-to-one approach in CBA’s core banking solution into a many-to-many integration hub which seamlessly supports the enterprise nervous system.

According to a joint statement from Safaricom and CBA, M-Shwari is seeing 40,000 Kenyans signing up daily. With customer deposits of over KSh 3 billion, it’s one of the most successful new financial services products in the African market in recent years.

Credit Agricole Titres

"To be a leading market player, we ought to act fast to gain benefit of market trends. FioranoMQ® enables us to put into practice strategic schemes that would have been too expensive in the past - we can use FioranoMQ® to provide desired service to the customer at a reasonable cost."
Software Architect,
Credit Agricole Titres

Case Study Brief

Amid Mergers, FioranoMQ helps maintain daily retail stock trade volume for French Bank with 40% Market Share.

Of greatest importance, the firm's stock exchange Web site must securely and reliably facilitate stock transactions and account management, as well as deliver news, analysis and other services, for its growing list of customers. To accomplish these many tasks, the Credit Agricole Titres IT department has created a powerful Web-based trading infrastructure.

Credit Agricole Titres' integration team determined it needed a communication backbone that could not only interface with its FIX engine, but also reliably cache messages. With assured messaging, persistence, security and data integrity as its primary goals, David and his team, with the help of an outside consultant, sought out a best-of-breed JMS (Java Messaging Server) messaging platform. After evaluating several alternatives, including open source products, the group selected FioranoMQ.


"EasyPay selected Fiorano ESB because it outperformed the competition in performance and ease of use. These criteria are important to us because of the high volume of transactions that we process and because we need the agility to be able to respond quickly to opportunities and threats"
Anthony Ferguson,

Case Study Brief

EasyPay enhances infrastructure Agility and Dynamic Response with Fiorano ESB.

EasyPay (Pty) Ltd., the services division of Trusted Transactions Company, Prism Holdings, is the leading provider of electronic funds transfer (EFT) and bill payment processing services in South Africa's retail and financial sectors. Controlling the largest bank-independent financial switch in Southern Africa, the company's infrastructure connects into all major South African banks.

The major pain points that the EasyPay identified were:

  • The current infrastructure was complex and difficult to manage.
  • Lack of agility meant that accommodating new clients and services quickly was difficult and time consuming.
  • Configuration changes were difficult because configurations were hard-coded into application systems.
  • The current message routing solution could not throttle or slow down the message flow or hold confirmation messages for store-and-forward.
  • The current integration and application infrastructure did not deliver the required performance.


"As very active users of Fiorano's latest software, we are delighted to find that we have become masters of reuse of components within our projects. We no longer have to code from scratch which has reduced cost and allowed us to offer more services to our clients. In fact, our services model has expanded and our integration projects have become easier. Our clients of course benefit from this level of integration to our core platforms."
Christopher Ward,
Technical Program Manager, SSP

Case Study Brief

UK’s leading insurance and financial services company deploys Fiorano SOA to seamlessly integrate cloud applications and core trading platforms.

It had complex infrastructure with Managed Services and back-end software solutions, highly secure 24x7 data center operations and a mixture of hardware and software architecture. To keep within budget, they needed an SOA Platform with linear system scalability. In addition, component reusability was critical to cut out expensive custom coding and to enable near real-time compliance with constantly changing industry regulations applicable to their customers.

Fiorano’s superior integration technology allowed it to integrate its multiple and disparate applications, helping reduce the time and cost involved in transforming crude data into decision-critical information. In addition, Fiorano’s component reusability features enabled SSP to build incremental projects with minimal additional hardware, imparting greater ROI on subsequent deployments.

Fiserv Lending Solutions

Fiserv Lending Solutions
Integration of the GATORS platform


"Our online trading system makes extensive use of JMS to send different types of messages among the different components, these components are deployed on several hardware, and it is critical that we have a high performance messaging backbone to dispatch the messages. We have tested several JMS servers, and Fiorano is among the top in terms of performance/throughput in our evaluation, and we are also very satisfied with their technical support, the response is fast whenever we have any queries."
C.K Lim,Chief Architect,
FairEx International Financial Systems

Case Study Brief

FairEx Virtual Trading Engine, the most powerful web-based exchange mechanism that not only performs lightningly fast order matching, but is bundled with some of the most critical credit and risk control mechanisms that facilitate safe and secure transactions.

It had complex infrastructure with Managed Services and back-end software solutions, highly secure 24x7 data center operations and a mixture of hardware and software architecture. To keep within budget, they needed an SOA Platform with linear system scalability. In addition, component reusability was critical to cut out expensive custom coding and to enable near real-time compliance with constantly changing industry regulations applicable to their customers.

FairEx had several critical requirements that needed to be met by the proposed solution:

  • Fast performance for text and serialized object messages, was critical for their trading engine to dispatch the volatile forex prices to several machines at the Web Server farm.
  • Assurance that performance levels do not deteriorate particularly under heavy load conditions.
  • Clustering Architecture
  • Responsive Technical Support


"With a mission critical auto-trading software product message reliability and performance throughput is vital to the overall product success and thus far FioranoMQ has proved to be a more than able base for our messaging backbone. Through evaluations of other JMS servers FioranoMQ has met our both business and technical demands yet providing many other features that our application may grow to use."
David Derbyshire,Technology Principal,

Case Study Brief

FinScope's automated order planning system "Sabre" provides second and third tier sell-side trading firms with the ability to automate their order planning and execution thus narrowing a growing competitive gap with large buyer side institutions. Sabre uses FioranoMQ - (standards based messaging backbone) to bind together Sabre's fully distributed, multi-tier Java component architecture in a reliable manner thereby meeting the performance criteria of speed, guaranteed delivery and high availability.

Sabre has a fully distributed, multi-tiered Java component architecture, allowing its components to operate independently and be co-located with high volume data sources. The architecture is bound together using the standards based messaging BUS (), FioranoMQ.

FioranoMQ provided precisely the kind of messaging solution that FinScope needed. Fiorano's file-based data store delivers guaranteed messages significantly faster in publish/subscribe mode than any other JMS implementation, which was a key requirement of FinScope's trading infrastructure.


"Fiorano ESB deployment forces and supports strict separation between functional roles of software architect, developer and user, which makes the whole life-cycle so well managed. Coarse grained components residing on top of the Fiorano messaging layer leave the designer with the responsibility of taking care of the business logic implementation only."
Chief Software Architect,

The Forex Company offers traders access to the global currency market pioneering the process of dealing directly from live, streaming two-way prices thus enabling traders to take advantage of the liquidity of the currency market.

With over 50,000 clients with an average monthly trading volume that exceeded $70 billion, the Company needed not only the right technology but one that could be implemented quickly and efficiently. In order to achieve this, it had to bring in modularity to its solutions and ensure 100% message delivery and scalability, all at a reduced cost.

The message flow across the Company's system(s) was based on a business entity approach, where a business object (entity) is delivered from component to component as a separate message. The Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) was incorporated to bring in modularity to the solutions and ensure 100% message delivery and scalability. The message-based ESB has helped the Company ensure that business messages flow with 100% reliability. At the same time, this messaging system has helped shield the communication level details from the business application module. Using this concept, an independent, linearly scalable, peer-to-peer message transport solution was built.

Large Hedge Fund

Large Hedge Fund
"FioranoMQ not only had superior message throughput, but its multiple configuration capabilities and flexible architecture enabled us to extend the system ourselves in real time. Whenever we have questions or problems, Fiorano's customer support has always been very responsive and helpful."
Vice President, Software Development
Large Hedge Fund

Case Study Brief

Eight years ago, the large hedge fund built an electronic trading platform and real-time profit and loss system around Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) technology and Sonic MQ. While the platform had worked well enough for the hedge fund in the past, the company decided in 2008 to rewrite its electronic trading and real-time profit and loss systems to support highly available, fault-tolerant messaging capabilities.

"In a high-speed, competitive environment, financial transactions depend on a message queuing platform that is both highly available and fault-tolerant," remarks VP. "Therefore, these were the first and most important requirements for building a new system."

Before the search began, VP had ruled out building a new solution around MSMQ because the technology was not able to run with high availability. The hedge fund decided to reevaluate Sonic MQ technology while introducing a technology that hadn't made the cut for the former electronic trading system - FioranoMQ.


"The quick implementation of FioranoMQ was facilitated by great support from the company. The java developers involved in the creation of our platform were able to pick up FioranoMQ easily, assisting in the cost-effective integration."
Tony Harrop,
CTO, LiquidityHub

Case Study Brief

The fast-paced nature of the financial marketplace requires quick, consistent communication between servers so prices are updated as close to real-time as possible. With clients wanting prices to be 'firm' while they make their trade decision, up-to-date yet stable pricing is difficult to achieve. If the market price moves, a broker needs to be able to immediately refresh their quoted price or else the risk level involved in these financial transactions increases dramatically. Therefore, consistent and real-time pricing is crucial to maintain a fair, balanced marketplace.

"The challenge was building and designing a platform with internal regulatory and compliance controls in as little time as possible," said Harrop. "Above all, we needed to create a high performance service based on factors like speed, security, reliability and consistency."

After a lengthy and comprehensive research process, Harrop had narrowed LiquidityHub's search down to two products, one of which was FioranoMQ. Harrop spent a couple of weeks building an architectural proof of concept and setting targets for messages per second. FioranoMQ met the messaging target in its first week. LiquidityHub launched FioranoMQ into its platform in September 2007.


"Fiorano technical support has also been exceptional. Fiorano provides us with premium 24x7 support and their team is always available when we need them. FioranoMQ powers a new front-end web-based tool that notifies our customers when a trade has executed. Fiorano has helped us compete effectively in this market"
Jeff Polsgrove,
CTO, Scottrade

Case Study Brief

Scottrade is unique in the industry because it boasts very low commission rates while offering easily accessible, local branch office support of online trading in 228 locations serving more than one million customers nationwide.

In ScottradeELITE for active investors, Orders are filled within seconds, customer service is swift, and costs are low. The company offers equities, fixed income, options and more than 9,000 mutual funds-with transactions handled in real time. Every trade executed through Scottrade travels through the company's data centers. A key component of this system is an enterprise messaging product – FioranoMQ.

FioranoMQ's High Availability (HA) feature was a major factor. It gave Scottrade's infrastructure the highest fault tolerance capability, ensuring that servers continue to operate during intermittent network or machine failures. Unlike other solutions, Fiorano offers a software-only state replication technique that enables enterprises to enjoy HA without requiring additional investments in hardware. The cost of implementation is substantially lower than competing solutions. Among the FioranoMQ features Scottrade uses is the administrative API (Application Programming Interface) that allows the company to customize the application to the company's specific needs.

Thomas Weisel Partners

"Fiorano's release cycles are very timely and more effective than other vendors, the icing on the cake was the price," says Patel. "Compared to other systems, you can't get such a reliable, fast product with as excellent support as Fiorano's at as low of a cost."
Dhiru Patel,
Chief Trading Systems Architect
Thomas Weisel Partners

Case Study Brief

Up until 2001, Thomas Weisel Partners' brokers took trade orders from clients over the phone. With the dawn of more efficient electronic trading platforms, the company decided that it was about time to build their own – one that would be able to handle trade orders with low latency. The platform would also allow clients to send trades or orders directly into the system.

Dhiru Patel, Managing Director and Chief Quantitative Strategist for Thomas Weisel Partners, elaborates: "As a relatively new company, we didn't have any in-built systems. Therefore, our subsystems were disparate – meaning some spoke in C++, some in Java, et cetera. The goal was to tie these systems into a single interface through a messaging server that was language agnostic."

In 2001, a surplus of proprietary messaging servers littered the marketplace. Other companies in Wall Street were prone to using TIBCO or IBM platforms. With the recent release of JMS 1.0, Patel decided that Thomas Weisel Partners should go the Java route. The software platform would have to fully comply with JMS 1.0.

In the end, FioranoMQ was the only product on the market that had JMS 1.0 fully implemented with a C++ interface. Patel read reviews of the software, all of which said highly positive things about Fiorano's scalability, stability and speed.

Beijing Water Bureau

"Fiorano SOA platform is a future-proof solution which provides the value of time saved, reduced effort and flexibility for the customer."
Solution Consultant,
Beijing Shubei Software Technology

Case Study Brief

The Beijing Water Management Bureau wanted to build a central database to host its large data used in the silos of many applications and heterogeneous databases of its subordinate agencies. The goal is to exchange data with the center database and increase data-sharing between applications. The problem with decentralized database structure in the organization is that it is difficult for sharing data between the different applications thus hinders further application development. Similarly, processing requisitions and purchase orders often, therefore, required managers to log into three or four different systems to initiate approvals.

The proposed solution was to build a central database and used Fiorano technology for exchanging data between the heterogeneous databases. Fiorano's solution provides Real-Time information about plant operations at the click of a mouse including the means to access archival data. Departments saves time and money by consolidating systems management and eliminating redundant applications.

City of Canton

"This choice was made after reviewing several technologies and software solutions for supporting the City's integration needs. The scalability and use of industry standards played a role in this decision, but most significant was the peer-to-peer architecture. It was clear that Fiorano's solution was designed for its purpose, not retooled and marketed as other solutions were found to be,"
Bryan Tidd, Director of Technology,
City of Canton

Case Study Brief

Driving the enterprise at the City of Canton is a heterogeneous collection of platforms, systems and applications. These include, Windows, Linux, and Unix servers, Database Servers, Mail Servers, File and Print Servers, as well as, Applications servers abound.

The City also has Department level applications for Police Records Management, Fire Records Management, Financials (General Ledger, Accounts Payable & Receivable), Cash Receipting, Utility Billing, Real Property and Personal Property Taxes, Business Licenses, Building and Planning and Zoning records Management (Inspections, Permits, etc.), and Geographic Information Systems.

Their key requirements included:

  • Tie some systems together loosely and others tightly.
  • Error reduction (including reducing redundant data entry and manual data transfer)
  • Support for industry standards
  • Ability to make changes incrementally
  • Business Process and Workflow Automation
  • Scalability at no extra cost
  • Provide On Line Information Access and services to its citizens

Fiorano's Integration solution tied the systems together and enabled Real-Time change management that helped in cutting costs and significantly improving productivity.A successful approach to the City's problems and Business Objectives involved a paradigm shift in the way the solution was approached. Fiorano ESB based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology directly matched the City of Canton's requirements with architecture based on "Brokered Peer-to-Peer" and came with a series of adapters and user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface)tools to manage and monitor various application level service components.


"We wanted to tie in the State Police, motor vehicles agency, the Parole department, Board of Pardons, Department of Corrections and other agencies so when an arrest was made, for example, anyone looking for the suspect would be immediately notified."
Linda Rosenberg, Executive Director,

Case Study Brief

The goal of the Pennsylvania Justice Network (JNET) was to provide a common on-line environment whereby authorized state, county and local officials could access offender records and other justice information from participating agencies. The JNET System serves as a platform for broad-based knowledge sharing among its users. JNET started as a system based in partnering agencies at the state level, but now it is growing toward a full partnership with county governments as well as municipalities, local police departments and federal agencies.

KPMG Consulting Services (now Bearing Point Inc.) was engaged by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to develop numerous applications for all the justice related agencies, this initiative was entitled The 'JNET' Project JNET's mandate was to provide various applications enabling the sharing on data across justice related agencies e.g. State Police, Department of Probation, Department of Corrections, Board of Pardons, and Courts etc. Ultimately, we settled on publish/subscribe messaging; where departments could subscribe to any individual they were interested in. Should the suspect show up at a welfare agency or be pulled over for a traffic stop, this information would be published to all subscribing parties in real time." said KPMG's Chief Architect on the Project, Woolfenden

Fiorano's highly configurable, comprehensive security system allows application security to be easily configured by an external visual Administration tool. The FioranoMQ security system is completely standards-based and implements the Java security API. FioranoMQ also implements dynamic load balancing and failover protection making the system highly available and allowing an unlimited number of concurrent client connections to a server cluster.

Kent County Council

Case Study Brief

A little over a year ago, Commercial Services embarked on a project to buy bulk electricity from power generators in the UK, thus securing better pricing, and in turn selling the power to schools, Hospitals,various local government offices and services, waste management divisions across many local counties in the UK.

Included in this service was and is to provide automated billing to all their customers. The application that is designed to purchase electricity and invoice customers needed to be automated and have the ability to be scaled up rapidly due to the fact that Commercial Services has roughly two thousand small sites across the UK that purchase electricity from them, with yearly invoices generated in the tune of 150 million pounds.

The application is required to automatically purchase electricity from the generators, the generators bill KCC (Commercial Services); KCC validates the purchases and then bills the customers for usage. Commercial Services has sold this offering to their current customer base and a major part of the offering was the ability to provide bills in PDF that can be printed out, since 80% of current customers still like to receive their bills in print format.

Fiorano was selected as it was the only product after an intensive review process via RFQ's and RFP's that demonstrated the project could be done and delivered within a very tight schedule and within budget. It also allowed KCC to become vendor independent of a .Net environment, and now KCC can easily sell more services as since it is so easy and fast to develop additional functionality in the application using Fiorano's tactical Message Driven SOA approach to integration and application development. With Fiorano MDSOA technology, KCC can easily connect their system to all their partner systems, capitalizing on the ESB concept.

SJS District

SJS District
"Fiorano SOA platform is a future-proof solution which provides the value of time saved, reduced effort and flexibility for the customer."
Solution Consultant,
Beijing Shubei Software Technology

When the district government officers needed data from its controlled agencies and hospitals in the health sector for data analysis and generated reports, it took several days for its subordinated agencies to collect data from their systems and submitted their reports in different formats. These data reports then had to be assembled manually, and it turned out to be a tedious work and also easily causing errors. In an emergent disease crisis, the government requires prompt data reports to make critical decisions.

The problem with the current manual data collecting process and report generation process caused the delay for decision making which might affected the district government operations.

The proposed solution was to build a central database and used Fiorano technology for exchanging data to the central database from the heterogeneous databases in the subordinated agencies to develop data analysis and report generation applications for decision making.

County of Tulare

"Fiorano was selected for its ease of use, inherent design advantages and affordability. With the Fiorano SOA Platform, the County will establish a solid foundation for an incremental move to a Service-Oriented-Architecture, based on standards and maximize utilization of its existing IT infrastructure investment."
Eric Prosser, Head EAI Team
County of Tulare

Case Study Brief

The Tulare County Justice Department consists of several county departments involved in the justice process such as Superior Court, DA, Probation, Public Defender, Sheriff and Agricultural Crimes.

The criminal justice system in Tulare County functions like most local criminal justice systems across the US, utilizing an intricate communication network consisting of Court, District Attorney, Probation, Public Defender and Sheriff departments. With advancements in justice system technology, Tulare County decided to redesign its IT infrastructure to eliminate inherent communication inefficiencies.

Beal and the IT team evaluated basic factors for many Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions and narrowed the choice down to fewer products. Following a stringent technical "proof of concept" to evaluate each solution's effectiveness, Tulare County eventually picked the Fiorano SOA Platform due to its ease-of-use, inherent design advantages and affordability.

United States Coast Guard

"For the United States Coast Guard, adopting enterprise-wide SOA as part of our Enterprise Architecture Framework was a necessity to deliver mission-critical, real-time information from our vast diversity of applications and data sources. Following a rigorous 18-month evaluation involving more than a dozen alternatives, Fiorano's SOA Platform was selected to implement the Coast Guard's SOA solutions."
Steve Munson,
Chief of Enterprise Engineering Services,
United States Coast Guard Operations
Systems Center

Case Study Brief

The United States Coast Guard has about 40,150 men and women on active duty. The USCG Operations Center, located in Martinsburg, WV, serves as the premier software development center for the Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security.

Software developers at the USCG Operations Center, one of the Coast Guard's centers of excellence where it performs software development and systems hosting for the entire Coast Guard and other entities within homeland security, decided to implement a business-driven enterprise architecture to more fully connect information technology systems and business infrastructure.

Mr. Jennis and his team performed a cut-and-dry evaluation, surveying the market using the Coast Guard's existing architecture and needs as a measuring stick. Eventually, the USCG whittled its search down to 13 different powerful products, one of which was Fiorano's message driven, ESB based SOA solution. USCG performed an initial round of evaluation of vendor glossies, demonstrations and interviews, out of which seven vendors emerged.

Fiorano SOA Platform forms the core platform of the USCG SPEAR architecture. The SPEAR architecture leverages the Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus as the primary mechanism for data sharing between services and systems.


"Fiorano SOA platform is a future-proof solution which provides the value of time saved, reduced effort and flexibility for the customer."
Solution Consultant,
Beijing Shubei Software Technology

Zunyi is a small city in the mountain area of Guizhou province in the southwest of China mainland.

Although the city's economy is falling far behind those cities in the coastal areas of China, Zunyi's government decided to start its e-government initiative for the goal of more opening government to attract more investments into the poor region. The problem for the city government's website was that some information data for publishing on the website didn't get updated quickly and had to be done manually by copying data between the internal database and the external database serving the internet publics across a firewall. Copying data manually between databases caused the delay of information got published and data errors introduced by human operations.

The proposed solution is to exchange data between the two databases across the firewall and have the public needed information got published on the website in a real-time and automatic manner.


"We worked closely with Fiorano while implementing the integration platform at Fraikin. With Fiorano, we were able to meet Government-mandated communication specifications and timelines. Fraikin's communication with the Government is now in sync with the specified regulations and their traffic fine processing system is streamlined to meet the demanding traffic penalty scenario in France."
Franck Lerivrain,
Development Manager,Fraikin

Case Study Brief

Fraikin has deployed Fiorano SOA Platform as an integration platform for several projects.

Although the city's economy is falling far behind those cities in the coastal areas of China, Zunyi's government decided to start its e-government initiative for the goal of more opening government to attract more investments into the poor region. The problem for the city government's website was that some information data for publishing on the website didn't get updated quickly and had to be done manually by copying data between the internal database and the external database serving the internet publics across a firewall. Copying data manually between databases caused the delay of information got published and data errors introduced by human operations.


Fraikin, being a leading vehicle fleet service provider in Europe, has a fleet of 40,000 vehicles running on the roads of France. With such a large fleet on road, incidents of traffic violation are not uncommon. The traffic fines, including parking fines and speeding fines, issued to Fraikin are to the extent of 12,000 fine tickets per year.

With the implementation of an electronic system of fine management by the Government of France, Fraikin was given a set of specifications to develop an application to facilitate electronic communication between the logistics giant and the Government. The government specifications included mandatory communication of Fraikin's fleet to the Government twice a year, communication of Fraikin's fleet modification every week and quick processing of traffic penalties or fines. The biggest challenge for Fraikin was to build a rapidly deployable integrated platform, which would meet all the requirements specified by the government.

Fraikin has a multi-platform environment including Windows machines and an IBM z/OS mainframe Main client records and vehicles records are stored in the mainframe DB2 database. In order to build a scalable integration platform and to leverage on existing hardware, Fraikin decided to deploy Fiorano Middleware Platform SOA.


Fraikin operates over 220 integrated service facilities across Europe and uses the Fiorano SOA Platform, to manage its complex warehouse inventory across these locations. With parts information and inventory levels changing with every purchase / usage at various warehouses spread across different geographic locations, the challenge lies in effectively updating and maintaining stock of hundreds of these parts. With various legacy systems already in place, there was a strong need for a flexible, versatile integration platform that would encompass the existing legacy applications and provide an easy means of access to these for newer technologies.

Fiorano SOA platform with its diverse set of adapters is being used to unify and merge data from different sources and formats into one unified repository. The data (as raw text) across different transports including emails, flat files over FTP, shared file systems are culled into the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), converted to appropriate formats using the powerful set of transformation adapters and routed to appropriate data channels. Fraikin's existing legacy applications are integrated into this platform and exposed to the standards gateway using Fiorano's standard based pre-build adapters. This lets Fraikin's partner and service facility applications to co-exist with the legacy applications.


"FioranoMQ worked for us because it was reliable and actually worked in the target environment involving a complex network involving numerous interconnected corporate and ISP proxies, with users accessing the system from a variety of different networks. FioranoMQ out-performed the other tested servers from a performance standpoint and also remained stable for the entire testing period."
Jonathon Ross, Project Manager,
IS Australia

Case Study Brief

In today's Business environment, IS Australia's customers were increasingly feeling the need for becoming e-enabled. A key requirement was to develop a real-time auction system for New Zealand Toyota, enabling them to streamline their auction process-taking it from the physical world to an online world. From a technical standpoint, the system was to be developed using a J2EE architecture and business rules were to be defined in the session beans of the application server. The data is retrieved via a combination of entity bean methods and direct access to the database. A message server was required for publish/subscribe purposes. The clients bidding on the auction will subscribe and the server will publish bids and lot data dynamically.

"FioranoMQ worked for us because it was reliable and actually worked in the target environment involving a complex network involving numerous interconnected corporate and ISP proxies, with users accessing the system from a variety of different networks." said Jonathon Ross, Project Manager at IS-Australia. FioranoMQ is the fastest Java Messaging Server on the market. Only FioranoMQ uses a file based data store to deliver guaranteed messages 10-15 times faster than any other JMS implementation. FioranoMQ significantly increases development productivity, which enables businesses to market applications faster by isolating developers and applications from low-level network programming details like sockets and network addresses.


"POSCO was looking for a highly scalable solution that could provide seamless data and process integration. We conducted extensive performance, scalability and reliability tests before selecting Fiorano as the preferred vendor. Fiorano's solution is an end-to-end infrastructure that integrates back-end systems and includes customers, suppliers and business partners as well. This solution has the potential to provide increased efficiencies and significant cost savings. Fiorano ESB's built-in extensibility and standards-based interoperability provides a significant ROI. Fiorano's top-notch technical support made Fiorano ESB a logical choice."
Jonathon Ross, Project Manager,
IS Australia

Case Study Brief

POSCO is aggressively driving the transformation of Steel Manufacturing processes to standardize the operation systems at each Steel mill. This would lead to an increase in cost benefits by minimizing redundancy in data and program management. POSCO's Business and technical drivers can be summarized as follows:

  • Currently POSCO's IT infrastructure consists of 600 computers of different hardware, different Operating Systems. Some of these PCs communicate over BSC protocols while others over the TCP/IP protocol, resulting in setting up of two parallel networks with little scope of communication between these PCs.
  • Additionally, these computers are spread across various geographical locations in South Korea-at Seoul, Pohang and KwangYang. The existing point-to-point interfaces between various applications at the various Steel Works make monitoring, maintenance and new application development extremely difficult and time consuming.

After researching possible solutions to satisfy the requirements, the POSCO Architecture Group recommended implementing Fiorano ESB to provide a service-based architecture connecting the varied as software and hardware platforms as mentioned above. Fiorano ESB is a distributed Services Integration Platform that simplifies the composition, deployment, modification and debugging of business processes.

Nilkamal Ltd

"We now have first-hand implementation and deployment experience so we can say we are happy we made the right architectural decisions for our middleware infrastructure. Implementing a cloud application like to seamlessly integrate and streamline our SAP has already given us tremendous productivity gains. We now intend to rapidly extend the Fiorano ESB across other applications in order to establish a robust, scalable and flexible enterprise nervous system for the organization."
Mr. Nilesh Modi,Head of Information Technology,
Nilkamal Ltd.

Experiencing double-digit growth in a fast growing economy, Nilkamal was faced with the requirement of providing the latest inventory data to hundreds of salespeople across the country. In addition, manufacturing and production planning systems needed to be continuously updated with field-sales data, while also being summarized for a number of management reports and updates to other sales teams.

With a vision of empowering the sales team, Karan Doshi, who leads IT initiatives at Nilkamal, purchased 200 licenses for the company's key sales agents; he soon realized that the cloud based CRM alone wasn't going to get the job done. Even though information from the SaaS based cloud system, flowed through in real time the sales force did not have access to critical business information that was trapped in silos within the company's ERP.

As a result their database was exposed to multiple applications which made direct calls to it. Furthermore, as part of the front-end architecture it was vulnerable to security risks such as integrity attacks and misuse; failover capabilities suffered concomitantly.

The Fiorano ESB middleware essentially acts as the link between and SAP. When a sales agent sends a query on, it, in turn, queries Fiorano which then talks to Nilkamal's ERP. It then throws back all the relevant information to Salesforce. And this happens both ways. Unlike traditional point-to-point coding systems, this is a multi-point visual code that seamlessly transfers information across disparate systems. The tool can integrate not only with SAP but with other applications that Nilkamal intends to integrate in the future.

UB Group

UB Group
Manufacturing – United Spirits (UB Group) "We used a SAP system to record transactions on our purchases. We needed to share a lot of information with suppliers on purchase order quantities, delivery schedules; quantity of supply accepted and rejected reasons for rejections, accounts payable information and more. There were multiple levels of manual intervention for sharing of data with relevant vendors and entering vendor responses back into the system. This system resulted in prolonged lead times, inefficient working capital turnover and higher rates of error. The requirement was to automate the entire workflow and speedup the business process. The first challenge was determining the enterprise architecture and second choosing a vendor. We evaluated several technologies and vendors and after a due diligence process and proof of concept over a period of 6 months we decided on implementing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), choosing Fiorano to deliver that technology to UB"
T.K. Subramaniam, Vice President, Information Systems
UB Group Spirits Division

UB Group deploys a wide range of software and hardware products to support its IT requirements. Most applications are deployed on one of three IBM i-Series, with different operating systems such as OS/400, 64 bit Linux and Windows supporting almost all its platform requirements. It also deploys a range of Wintel Servers along all locations. Enteprise software includes SAP with approximately 400 users, Websphere Portals, Lotus Notes, Click View for data analytics, databases like DB2 and SQL servers along with a range of java based applications to support different requirements and business processes. They have IT spread across 80 locations connected using MPLS, VSATs, and Leased Lines.

With a growing number of processes without any cohesive centralized management, distributed information in multiple locations and servers it was becoming increasingly challenging for the IT department at UB to provide meaningful and timely information to Management to take effective decisions and manage business processes across different domains. Data stored in the SAP systems was not available as intelligent information to senior management. A stable and efficient web services framework was required.

The Fiorano Solution was based on Fiorano SOA Platform. It is a SOA based middleware platform that allows application integration based on open standards like JMS, Web Services, JMX and host of JCA based adapters and bridges. The core of the platform is the Fiorano ESB which acts as the integration backbone. Fiorano Choreography Tools provide visual based process creation, deployment and execution from the same point. Other supporting tools like deployment manager and Service and Security manager provided the much needed security and management.


"Fiorano provided and integrated solution through Fiorano SOA platform, which provided both the messaging infrastructure and management interface with GUI based user interface for monitoring and creating business flows"
Mika Lahti,
Chief Architect, YLE

Case Study Brief

YLE in itself doesn't manage its IT; their IT is managed by a company called Tieto. We work hand in hand with many of the world's leading companies and organizations and grow in step with them.

Broadcasting industry is perhaps one of the most dynamic business verticals among all. The wheels of business are ever turning and require and very robust and agile infrastructural support. IT plays a key role in allowing broadcasting companies to keep up with the dynamic business demands. With the growing competition companies have to fine tune their processes in order to achieve competitive advantage. The key points that IT must address are ability to quickly respond to business needs, provide access to data from stored in different departments. Similarly the company was facing problems in trying to integrate data across different departments. Another major show stopper was slow rate of change in the services offered by the background infrastructure for a new business requirement. The primary pain points that the company was facing were:

  • Integrating data from different departments
  • Real time access to data from different departments
  • No interface to connect to in-house developed components
  • Transforming data from different format

Fiorano provided and integrated solution through Fiorano SOA platform, which provided both the messaging infrastructure and management interface with GUI based user interface for monitoring and creating business flows.


"When we select an SOA platform product, we carefully evaluate implementation efficiency value per use case. With the Fiorano SOA Platform, development processes from configuration to deployment were very smooth and easy so that alternative business scenarios could be completed very quickly. In addition, Fiorano's REST adapter and event-port mechanism eliminated the effort of script coding (such as branching by IF or WHEN statements in XSLT syntax) which are required by other products. We saved significant time in creating and deploying REST APIs for business partners just by parameter settings in the Wizard."
Mr. Noriaki Aoki,
Chief Architect at Intermirage

Case Study Brief

A major retail destination of oshibori is the hospitality industry and each business unit consists of small-scale shops/ restaurants. Therefore, Fujinami has been using franchisees for collecting sales orders and supplies from/to shops/ restaurants in a relevant district.

Over the years a practice developed of the franchise agency sending collected orders to Fujinami headquarters via fax. With an increase in the number of different product lines, applying sales rules which differed from franchise to franchise became a highly complex task. Order processing became cumbersome and unwieldy and frequent errors began creeping into the system leading to delays and increased costs. Complex calculations were required to compute the number of cases to be simultaneously packed which varied according to the destination warehouse.

All of the above factors led to significant bottlenecks in the entire order-delivery and sales fulfillment cycle thereby severely limiting Fujinami's ability to scale operations with high costs eroding their profitability.

Fujinami Towel Service commissioned Japanese system integrator, Intermirage to research options for digitizing their order processing system. They wanted a scalable system that could be adopted to meet their growing needs and one that would also use their existing legacy systems (Database) and networks. Given the fluid nature of business relations with the Franchisees they needed a flexible system that allowed them to make changes easily based on business expediency. Fujinami evaluated solution-specific business application packages but concluded that in the long run such a selection would result in a spaghetti-like architecture with many end points. Their goal was simplicity of design coupled with performance and flexibility. They finally decided to use middleware-centric Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology and selected the Fiorano SOA Platform to deliver the solution.

The Sports Authority

"Fiorano ESB enables pick messages to be issued in a single format that all three systems understand. The technology enables the systems to operate at high speed, for example, processing up to 6,000 garments per hour in the garment processing area."
Rob Gleave,
Vice President of Architecture, The Sport's Authority

Case Study Brief

The Sports Authority became the largest full-line sporting goods retailer in the United States in 2003. The company operates nearly 400 retail stores in 45 U.S. states, serviced by six distribution centers in Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, and Burlington, New Jersey. While these centers have always adequately served the stores in their regions, The Sports Authority determined that the paper-based method of hand-filling orders was inefficient and could be improved through the use of more advanced technology.

In March 2004, work began on a pilot project built around three different, yet interrelated picking and sorting systems: Put To Light, or PTL, a light and scanner-based technology that supports high-speed carton packing; Goods On Hangers, or GOH, an automated garment management concept that rapidly scans, counts and sorts individual garments; and an automated conveyor system that sorts and delivers merchandise to various in-warehouse "shipping lanes" for loading to trucks bound for individual stores.

Fiorano ESB is a web-services capable middleware product that allows companies to link applications and processes throughout the extended enterprise. With Fiorano ESB, companies can integrate a long list of otherwise incompatible technologies-from Web Services and .NET to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), J2EE and legacy applications–using reliable, event-driven messaging based on a standards-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Commission Junction

"From a technical standpoint, Commission Junction's key requirements were that we needed to implement a publish subscribe messaging model to ensure no messages were lost when subscribers (initially viewed to be around 70 servers) regularly went down and came back up or if the number of subscribers was increased. Reliability was the key, as we could not afford to lose even a single message. Server maintenance was also very important."
Charles Meyers, CTO,
Commission Junction

Case Study Brief

Commission Junction needs to distribute online advertisements reliably to its various Application Servers located at different geographical locations. Since, Commission Junction's network includes leading online companies like eBay, GSI Commerce, MSN, BT and Tower Records it becomes all the more important to send information both reliably and quickly. After intensive evaluation tests, Commission Junction chose FioranoMQ for delivering this critical information over other competing JMS (Java Message Service) products.

FioranoMQ provided precisely the kind of messaging solution that Commission Junction needed. Engineered for the most complex enterprise transactions with proven high availability of large scale deployments at industry leading Corporations, Fiorano's file-based data store delivers guaranteed messages significantly faster than any other JMS implementation, which was a key component of Commission Junction's IT infrastructure. JMS clients continue to operate even in the event that they become disconnected from the FioranoMQ Broker. FioranoMQ also allows expanded application access to support remote users, who might have unreliable or non-existent network connections.


"HireRight's development staff was also impressed with the ease with which Fiorano ESB installed in HireRight's network, the short learning curve, the richness of prepackaged adapters, the unique debugging capabilities and, last but not least, with the Fiorano's customer support responsiveness."
Stefano Malnati, VP of Engineering,

Case Study Brief

HireRight offers a wide range of employment screening and information verification services including, criminal record checks, employment and education verifications, professional reference checks, credit and motor vehicle record checks, drug screening, and other specialized verification services.

HireRight, an application service provider, delivers its services via the Web, whereby a report on a candidate's background can be provided within a short time and includes real-time access to the progresses in the background process. HireRight's solutions are highly integrated with the dominant players in the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) market to deliver a seamless and consistent customer experience. HireRight also provides its clients with a high-level of customer support to satisfy the needs of both customers and applicants, keeping track of such interaction using a state-of-the-art CRM system.

Improving the consistency and the effectiveness of Customer Service was one of the top priorities for HireRight. The company decided to implement one of the leading, on-demand, CRM solutions. Providing tight and seamless integration between HireRight's internal systems and the new CRM was an essential component of a successful implementation. With Fiorano ESB, however, the integration's level-of-effort was significantly reduced, and was central in helping produce a deeply integrated business solution.


"Our target was to enable a flexible mesh of applications, where the legacy apps and new SaaS Services could independently communicate through one integration channel. We chose Fiorano for its flexibility, built-in scalability, insightful development environment and easy-to-use message transformation tools."
Timo Impiö
Specialist, Global IM,Elektrobit

Case Study Brief

Elektrobit is using a server infrastructure based on Windows Server & Linux platforms. In service production they use both in-house developed services as well as third party SaaS-services. They have a large end-user base of about 1500 and counting, accessing their technology across geographies and time-zones.

In 2007, as they were planning a renewal of their financial processes & tools, Elektrobit realized that they required a centralized messaging infrastructure which would unify the existing landscape of disparate applications. The selected accounting tool was a web-based SaaS-service and all financial subsystems were to be integrated with it, hence a web service-capable integration platform was required.

The primary goal was to find a product which would enable integration of internal finance and HR tools and to return transaction data from the accounting system back to the reporting data warehouse.

Fiorano delivered sophisticated message transformation logic, customized content filtering and solid web service support with XML compatibility. Being platform independent and consisting of an extensive set of connectivity methods enabling integration out of the box, it was an ideal choice for Elektrobit. To accelerate scalability, Fiorano SOA offered consistent reusability features allowing Elektrobit to use components developed once across new integration flows, so that servers could be quickly added without much rework or performance trade-off.

Connect First

"Connect First is happy with the decision to partner with Fiorano for this mission critical component of our platform. FMQ performs as advertised and has helped our company scale to meet the demands of our clients. If given the option to do it over again, I would stick with Fiorano."
Geoff MINA,
CTO, Connect First Inc.

Case Study Brief

The Connect First platform was in the processing of being restructured. One of the areas being re-developed required high speed, high throughput messaging in a highly available model. At its core, the Connect First platform processes telephone calls, so speed and guaranteed delivery of mission critical messaging was absolutely critical to the solution.

Connect First implemented the Fiorano Messaging Queue to solve the requirements for high performance inter server/process messaging. The FioranoMQ Server was deployed in High Availability mode to help achieve the 99.999% uptime guarantee given to clients.

Wireless Matrix

"Wireless Matrix needed a solution that would allow us to move data through various paths, some sequential and some parallel in a reliable and secure manner," said Dave Rathnow, Senior Development Manager at Wireless Matrix. "FioranoMQ provided the fastest guaranteed message delivery among all the servers we tested, and the system has yet to lose a message sent to it. The up-time of the server has been solid."
Dave Rathnow, Senior Development Manager,
Wireless Matrix

Case Study Brief

Wireless Matrix's Field Data Acquisition software collects data from customer assets distributed over a wide geographic area. Some customers and market partners access the data after it is processed and stored at their central facility, while others need to have it delivered directly to their own facility where they perform their own processing. To provide this service, the company needed a technical solution that enabled sequential and parallel data distribution in a reliable and secure manner.

FioranoMQ provided precisely the kind of messaging solution that Wireless Matrix needed. Fiorano's file-based data store delivers guaranteed messages significantly faster than any other JMS implementation, which was a key component of Wireless Matrix Field Data Acquisition infrastructure. In addition, Fiorano's highly configurable, multi-level security system adds Java REALMS support to improve security management by centralizing and combining user authentication sources. Another key feature was FioranoMQ's interoperability among different message queuing systems. FioranoMQ solves this problem by "bridging" FioranoMQ with IBM MQ Series, MSMQ, TIBCO Rendezvous and all other JMS providers' products by its 'FioranoMQ Bridge' technology. The FioranoMQ Bridge provides a set of standards based configurable services that allow message exchange between the FioranoMQ and other message queuing systems.


"FioranoMQ does not require a relational database engine to function, as that would have complicated our configuration and introduced potential failure points in our architecture. FioranoMQ has shown that a modern, highly file-based data store provides performance that is an order of magnitude better than messaging middleware that uses an RDBMS."
Geoff Fowler, Technical Operations Manager,
Xylo, Inc.

Case Study Brief

Xylo provides resources to help an employee find products, services and information quickly. For this, Xylo was developing a web-based work/life solution for which they needed a highly reliable messaging infrastructure. The application that Xylo was to develop was a Four-tiered application, following standard J2EE patterns, with business facade hiding the implementation details. In addition to reliability, Xylo was looking for a solution that could also provide error logging and discrete event logging. Xylo realized that they could offer greater benefits to customers only if their underlying messaging infrastructure provided the benefits of Speed, Reliability, Scalability and a low cost of administration.

FioranoMQ provided precisely the kind of messaging solution that Xylo needed. Fiorano's file-based data store delivers guaranteed messages significantly faster than any other JMS implementation, which was a key component of Xylo's messaging infrastructure. In addition, Fiorano's highly configurable, multi-level security system adds Java REALMS support to improve security management by centralizing and combining user authentication sources. Features like dynamic load balancing and failover protection make FioranoMQ a highly available system and allows unlimited scalability in terms of the number of concurrent client connections that can be serviced.


"Flytxt needed a reliable and high performance messaging system to handle processing hundreds of messages per second. Fiorano showed the highest performance of any we tested, and has operated flawlessly in our production environment since the day we installed it."
James Harker-Syren,
Chief Technical Officer,Flytxt

Case Study Brief

During 2003 Flytxt experienced a huge increase in demand for their marketing services. In order to meet this demand Flytxt needed to improve and extend its core platform. In particular, the growth of campaigns advertised on television – often resulting in many tens of thousands of messages being received from consumers within a few seconds – necessitated a much faster architecture. "SMS is an immediate medium – consumers expect to see an instant response to any message they send," said James Harker-Syren, Flytxt's Chief Technical Officer. "Being able to offer a client an immediate response to tens or hundreds of thousands of consumers was a vital differentiator for Flytxt – we needed a scalable architecture that could receive, store, and distribute those messages.

"FioranoMQ provided exactly the solution that Flytxt needed. Offering a resilient and reliable architecture, coupled with blistering performance, Fiorano's file-based store was able to handle the large loads of messages Flytxt would receive in a short space of time, and distribute them immediately to the Application Servers that would then process them.


"With FioranoMQ, Qwest was able to provide the degree of flexibility it needed for its billing support systems. "Installation was very smooth. Whenever we have had an issue, Fiorano quickly provided the technical support we needed,"
Jevons Yu, Lead Software Developer
Qwest Communications

Case Study Brief

In the hotly competitive telecommunications industry, providing excellent service isn't enough. You have to continually offer more new services-and bring those services to market faster-than anyone else.

Even the monthly bill, that staple of the phone company relationship, isn't immune. Telcos are expected to process billions of calls each month, then tally them for billing purposes accurately and on time using computing systems subject to ever-tighter budgets. Should the company's customer base increase unexpectedly, processing capacity must follow suit-at minimal additional cost.

A key element of the solution was the selection of a strong software package to create, send, receive and read the Java messages. The Qwest team chose FioranoMQ, the world's fastest and most scalable Java messaging server. Products of business process integration leader Fiorano Software Inc., FioranoMQ implements all of the JMS point-to-point and publish/subscribe APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), together with support for security and massive scalability. The result is a communication platform that allows thousands of concurrent connections to the server as well as remote administration, guaranteed message delivery and easy language translation.


In spite of CPU failure several times, FioranoMQ configuration allows no message loss, and recovered as new CPU replaces. KTF is highly satisfied with FioranoMQ, and the business is successful. FioranoMQ is infrastructure of SMS (Short Message Service), and MMS (Multi-Mail Service).
Technical Team

Case Study Brief

KTF was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in April 2000 as the first company to record 1 million subscribers in the shortest period in the world, and was selected as the 4th company from among 100 IT companies worldwide, as well as the 1st company from among telecommunications companies in 2002 by the international business weekly magazine 'Business Week'.

  • KTF required first of all, a robust messaging infrastructure.
  • KTF required a superior performing product.
  • KTF requires standard technology to implement integration among applications.
  • KTF required instant and quality technical support.

FioranoMQ is deployed as a hub to each application. There are many applications running for the mobile service and FioranoMQ handles this complicated system diligently without any hassle.

Fiorano technical support is so quick and Fiorano technical support team gives answer within a day, and it seems standby all day and night. KTF implemented application integration which is the first step in SOA implementation. Since its implementation, there were no serious problems except OS failure. In spite of CPU failure several times, FioranoMQ configuration allows no message loss, and recovered as new CPU replaces. KTF is very satisfied with FioranoMQ, and the business is successful. FioranoMQ is infrastructure of SMS (Short Message Service), and MMS (Multi-Mail Service).

JTB Global Marketing & Travel

JTB Global Marketing & Travel
"We decided to adopt the Fiorano ESB, Enterprise Service Bus to address scalability challenges. The Fiorano SOA platform has a powerful Enterprise Service Bus (Fiorano ESB) that connects with multiple applications via a comprehensive set of bundled adaptors. By using peer-to-peer messaging rather than a central server approach, Fiorano ESB eliminates bottlenecks associated with a central server approach. Our plan is to run the Fiorano ESB on a private cloud to expand accessibility to a wider range of travel agencies throughout the world. The multiple autonomous software components that comprise the Fiorano SOA platform provide further performance improvements by avoiding the need for control or intervention by a process engine running on a central server."
Senior IT Officer at JTB

In the past, the company had focused its marketing efforts on its own network of travel agencies and their domestic reseller partners. In the past, the company had focused its marketing efforts on its own network of travel agencies and their domestic reseller partners. JTB management realized that growth in revenue was being limited due to its sole dependence on JTB shops and domestic reseller partners; this was adversely impacting profitability. Therefore, JTBGMT was given a new mandate, viz. to expand its network globally and start selling products through travel agencies abroad.

JTB wanted to expand its business by marketing travel products to overseas travel agencies; this required connecting JTB back-end systems with overseas travel agencies' systems to automate business processes such as inventory inquiry, reservation and cancellation's

Fiorano's standards-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows enterprises to draw on existing business logic residing anywhere within their application environments to quickly assemble efficient solutions for business problems. These features allow users to simply drag and drop pre-built components and create the business process on-the-fly, with zero-coding. Proven middleware capabilities allow Fiorano ESB to handle large scale message transfer with highly competitive performance numbers.

Norwegian Cruise Line

"NCL is very pleased with Fiorano ESB's performance. With our new standardized API (Application Programming Interface) now in place, the old point-to-point integration approach is a thing of the past. We've replaced customized, six-month integration projects with a single connectivity solution. Best of all, it's estimated that average reservation costs decreased by over 300% per booking"
Joe Navarro,
Director of Systems Development
Norwegian Cruise Line

Fleet modernization is one of the ways NCL Corporation, parent company of Norwegian Cruise Line, is moving full-steam ahead despite the economic climate. The company is also aggressively looking for new ways to both pare costs and improve service by revamping its corporate IT platforms, led by Kevin Quinlivan, NCL's chief information officer. Chief among these initiatives was a recent effort to standardize NCL's reservation system interface in order to make integration with travel partners, especially travel agent consortiums, easier and less expensive.

Fiorano ESB is the first ESB platform to offer standardized interfaces for a full range of data tasks, from communication and transformation to portability and security. Its standards-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows enterprises to draw on existing business logic residing anywhere within their application environments to quickly assemble efficient solutions for business problems.

BTI Canada

"In addition to minimizing accounting errors, BTI uses Fiorano ESB monitoring capabilities for tracking the accountability of the 140 travel counselors at various call centers located in Canada."
Sebastien Flacher,
Technical Architect,
BTI Canada

BTI Canada is the second largest Travel Agency in Canada, providing corporate travel services to major organizations including the Government of Canada. Its other lines of business include Loyalty Program Management, Meeting Management, Online Fulfillment Services and Knowledge Management. A year ago, BTI Canada started to provide travel services in support of a significant Loyalty Program. End-users calling into make travel reservations had to have the ability to pay for tickets based on accumulated points – as opposed to miles which are used for other loyalty programs. The deployment of this loyalty program required special workflows to be implemented across the Booking, Accounting and Ticketing departments at BTI Canada, to ensure that all transactions were logged and accounts reconciled easily.

BTI Canada provides travel services to a range of corporate customers, customizing solutions according to unique needs. One of its largest customers offers a comprehensive points-based loyalty program. BTI Canada's three departments Booking, Accounting and Ticketing were using applications that were developed as departmental solutions. There was no way to check the consistency of various financial transactions for reconciliation purposes at any given point of time. The problem of tracking accounting errors was compounded by the fact that these applications were running on different platforms and were written using varied programming languages. BTI Canada solved this problem by using Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (Fiorano ESB) to track commitments made to their internal credit cards by their travel counselors in Real Time. In addition to minimizing accounting errors, BTI uses Fiorano ESB monitoring capabilities for tracking the accountability of the 140 travel counselors at various call centers located in Canada.