Whitepaper: Peer-to-Peer Microservice Cloud Pipelines: Powering the Digital Economy


Fiorano platform architecture is developed around Microservices, the most modern software development architectural style for the digitally connected era

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API Management

Exposing interfaces to unique corporate data creates value that many companies have difficulty unlocking on their own.

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Fiorano Cloud

Fiorano Cloud platform (iPaaS) provides capabilities to enable enterprises to solve even the most sophisticated integration problems


We provide microservice-centric platform infrastructure with sophisticated integration capabilities, Connecting Anything to Everything....

The most evident advantage of Fiorano is the ability to "halt" the whole communication / choreography scenario at any state of a process for debugging... Stefan Boetticher, Dyckerhoff

With the Fiorano SOA Platform, development processes from configuration to deployment were very smooth and easy so that alternative business scenarios could be completed very quickly... Mr. Noriaki Aoki, Fujinami

Our partners and clients love the speed at which we get data back to them and the near-real-time analytics it can provide... Scott Mercer, Delaware North